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  1. think he means that the pvp server got tiring...but pvping on a pve server with his hunter was fun.
  2. my guild is on the same server as fury...from what i understand they got to nef again after bwl was mostly fixed..however i've heard they've been having problems with the new chromaggus(boss before nef) since blizz fixed his breath attack, which had never been working properly before.
  3. The first two rooms are both bosses, razergore and a dragon with a really long name that everyone shortens to just: vael. after that there is some clearing before you get to the next boss, broodlord lashlayer, who my guild is currently working on. the clearing is harder than the normal molten core routine, but there isn't as much to clear so it's shorter and less of a grind than mc clearing is.
  4. elly, i can agree that there certianly a lot issues with the hunter class (heck, there are issues with many of the classes), but i think the buff you're asking for is already coming with the talent trees redesigned. the new options should not only improve the cookiecutter builds that most people use, but also allow for some new builds to have some success
  5. it was mentioned earlier, but feign death is a critically useful spell for hunters...even though it won't actually fool anyone (unless the other player is a retard), it drops aggro in pve (my guild is currently working on the vael encounter in bwl, and staying low on the hate list makes our hunters very happy), and allows hunters to drop from combat and lay traps in pvp. toss in the utility you get from it while pulling in the core, and feign is really one of your more frequently used abilities
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