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  1. I hate to commit thread necromancy, but seeing as this was my thread and it had a lot of initial interest, I'd like to know if anyone might still be interested. I would potentially like to do the same thing with Beat Hazard. I am sorry that I haven't been around much in the past few years to really give this the attention it deserves. Life has been crazy and had not afforded me much time to game and/or pay attention to OCR. I digress. Shall we make this happen? Either game works for me. They are both fantastically fun.
  2. The amusing thing is that while his remixes seem to have some 80s flair to them, Will wasn't around in the 80s. But, that's all right. Anyone who pays homage to them is quite all right in my book.
  3. That man could play the keys off of a piano. I've been listening to a lot of his tracks lately... so amazing, so talented. He was multi-talented at so many different things... still a tragic loss to this day. His song with pixietricks off of Chrono Symphonic is probably my favorite. Chrono Trigger bias aside, it's emotional and beautiful.
  4. Also, Jade Catacombs isn't difficult so much as it is long. But, according to the scoreboards, I now have the highest mono pro score on that. Not the highest overall, but highest mono pro. e-zero has a much higher score using DV pro.
  5. Before I get too deep into this, do I have permission to do this? IE, when creating the group, can I use "OCR" and other such things such as logos, so people know this is our group? Just don't want to get into any trouble...
  6. Awesome! I am glad to see so much interest in this. I'm at work right now, but I am off all weekend after tonight. I will start work on setting that up tomorrow. As such, is anyone interested in helping out with this task? If so, my contact info should be in my profile. I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer.
  7. You will love it, Mirby. And you never did answer my question, Zero. Anywho, back to original point. Are we go for creating the league?
  8. Hey, you wouldn't happen to be Lokarin on Audiosurf would you? I noticed I had the highest pro score on Hyrule's Angel, but within the last day, someone using DV came along and dethroned me. (I'm BuddhaRock). Since you like DV, and I mentioned that song in a previous post...
  9. Highest total score no matter what character you use? 'Cause DV, Pusher and Pointman are capable of some really high scores compared to Mono, for example, just based on the way the system works. That's why I propose that we use character divisions, so that the lower tiered scores can still get something out of it.
  10. First off, I'd like to say that it's awesome that this has created so much interest, especially coming from a relative newbie that's not even a mixer (though I'd like to change that someday. I can't mix, but I can sing, so if you ever need a singer, hit me up). Anyway, onwards to ideas. The most obvious start is that we would have to create a group. That's pretty easy to do in the Steam platform. Add in contacts and friends both from Steam and Audiosurf (as I know some people have different names for both programs). That's the easy part. The more difficult part would be keeping track of scores. As it stands right now, Audiosurf only has a global leaderboard, a local leaderboard (local to your own area) and a friends leaderboard. Most likely we'd be paying attention to the friends board, though if you're good enough to have your score on the global board, that's so much the better. As such, for keeping track of scores for various competitions, I (or anyone else that wants to volunteer) would collect scores via e-mail. To make sure that you're not lying, I would ask that we take screenshots of our scores when we are done surfing the track so that we know they are legit. Then, we could just make board posts with our own leaderboards, either on this forum or in our Audiosurf group, or both. As far as scores go, I'd like to break that down by character as well. Some of us are only good using one character. I, for example, love using the Mono character, but I suck with anything else. However, as the scoring system favors characters like Pusher, it does make it difficult for a mono player to play against a good player of another character. We could break it down into overall division, character divisions, etc. I think there's room for flexibility there. Competitions are simple enough to set up. We could do single song competitions to see who gets the best score, which would be the easiest to set up. We could do a series of songs, or we could do brackets. The brackets would be randomly assigned based on who wants to join. They'd be single elimination, and each pairing would have their own song to duel over. The one with the highest score on that song moves on to the next round until we find a champion. Again, this can be for bragging rights, prizes, recognition... yet another idea that has quite a bit of flexibility. That's a rough sketch of ideas that I have so far, and I could implement them pretty easily. If anyone else has ideas, please say them. I am open to anything. As far as good OCR songs to play? Here are some of my favorite ones to play: bLiNd - Extreme-G - G-Storm - A wild ride, super fast. I promise you will die many times before you complete this song with a respectable score. (For the record, just about any song by bLiNd is a blast to surf) Nekofrog - Mega Man 2 - Wily's Requiem norg - Duck Tales - Harden the Duck Up! B33J, Cerrax, nonsensicalexis, Sixto Sounds - Shadow of the Colossus - Wanderer on the Offensive (Live Edit) Darangen - Chrono Trigger - Atonement AkumajoBelmont - Castlevania: SotN - The Devil Inside (Italo Disco Remix) Any mix by Game Over, K. Praslowicz or Star Salzman. I could go on and on, but I'm sure we all have our favorites. Hope this gives you all some ideas. Let's work something out!
  11. Hey folks. I have been playing Audiosurf a lot lately and have come to realize that there are a lot of OCR songs, both posted mixes and songs from the albums, that are a lot of fun to surf through. I was curious if anyone else on here plays Audiosurf and likes surfing OCR songs. More to the point, I'd also like to know if anyone would be interested in starting an OCR Audiosurf group or even a league. It would be a lot of fun. We could do it for bragging rights, we could do it for prizes, I could care less. I just think it's an untapped resource that could further enhance the music of OCR. If so, I have a lot of ideas on how we could organize such a thing, but I'll wait to post the details until after people give a yay or nay. For those that don't know what Audiosurf is it's a PC game that you can upload songs into. It creates a customized... what I call a roller coaster track, and you "ride" that track, collecting points along the way. There are many different ways to collect the points. Fast songs can be a thrilling ride and, I kid you not, an adrenaline rush. Slow songs are good to chill with. Go to http://www.audio-surf.com/ to check out the game. You can find all kinds of examples of gameplay on Youtube and other such mediums. It's only $10. A small investment for a game that will bring you tons of enjoyment.
  12. I had noticed the photography site, but, I figured it was sheer coincidence, even though the name is unique. Still, it is awesome to know that you're still around, Pras. I still love "The Smoking Guns of Liberation". In fact, in the game Audiosurf, I'm currently the world champion of that song using the Mono Pro character (not that my score can't be beaten. ) That's awesome that you do photography, though. I do a bit myself, though nothing major. I've got a few shots up on deviantart. I'm very glad that you shoot mostly using film. That's a lost medium these days. I do the same... all of my shooting is done on a Canon AE-1 Program. I'll put that up against any camera made these days and I promise the shots will be just as great if not better. Good luck in all your endeavors. If you never make another mix, it will be sad, but, you play to your strengths, eh?
  13. K. Praslowicz? He was one of the best of the early OCRemixers, had some great metal tuneage, but he hasn't had a published mix since 2002. Is he still around? If so, it'd be wonderful if he posted again. That guy can shred a guitar like no one else on this site.
  14. Well, for an unfinished song I thought it was very good. But, then again I might be biased towards CT/CC music. Nonetheless, this is about your new song, not an old one, so I'll stop doting on about past mixes. Whatever the case may be, I can only hope that you continue to crank out quality tunes such as "Loathing".
  15. No kidding? I would never have guessed that. I've been a big Chrono fan since the game came out years ago and I've listened to just about every CT/CC mix out there that I can find... I consider that mix one of the best. I guess it is easy to get tired of a song after a while though, if you created it. Radiohead and "Creep" come to mind.
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