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  1. But your ISP can be. (in fact, they do, and don't say they do, or don't do). Um, in fact, if they do, they will hardly lower their Firewall or router. But I think being firewalled is not so bad, if it is your personal one. in the other case your LAN mates may hack you with no problems. but the ISP's firewall is not allways right - BT port blocking, Skype ports blocking, and so on. better have personal router and firewall.
  2. Yea! That Squid thing is really buggy¬! Yesturday I couldn't connect to www.yandex.ru (which is like www.Yahoo.com in russia) I still can't beleve that kinda error was between me and a russian server. They should serve such squids in squid sushi and Tako Norimaki! And about BT I DLded 001-500 fine, but 501-1000 is slower, and still going. Other torrents are not connecting. the latest batch pack is not even connecting and has 0% ;( And even some torrents come and go, every torrent in list has an error about Operation Time Out. Man! They allready had 5 Time Outs! We now have to play the ball allready! ;D
  3. Told Aubrey my IP, don't know who did what (my admin or Aubrey) but now I connect and see the bt page. But the tracker connection is still being not found. This is even weider! Dr.Robotnik, this is a first time I get so much problems in connecting to site, then to a tracker, and getting those problems solved anybit! The other time was not being able to connect to One Piece anime tracker. But i didn't really need them that much. Only checking out. And everyone was having problems with that tracker. The topic of complaints was SOO~ long. But Hey! I could BT from you guys earlier! And Thanx alot for the page. I actually am happyer, somehow... EDIT: Another top weirdness! At least for me. I thought, what the hex, let's try Azureus. Ok, java in, Azureus in, opening a torrent. A Hedgehog Heaven, (just in case it will work.) Bam! Doesn't work. says connetion error operation timed out! Alitle bit more thoughts, ok, let's put all these torrents in, (just in case, may be some day it will work) So I pour them all in, and what am I seeing! Heaven is down, not starting, but 001- 500 and 501-1000, even though they say the same error(well they say some error about time out.) BUT THEY TORRENT! A TOP WEIRDNESS THIS WEEK! and the speed of download is a bit higer compared to upload. Dl/Upl: 160/40 kBit/s. at max. Im a bit envious to my friend here, he's from another network, a not FLed, and they can get real IPs for 2 bucks, and they get Portforwarding. and he gets DL speed of ~230 kBit/s constantly. and over 100 of UpL
  4. It is very weird, that now both are rejecting a connection. Earlier it was OK, I BTed Hedgehog Heaven cd via BT, and I really could see the bt.ocremix.org page itself (and when it is in a frame) but now both are out of reach to me. I allready writed to Admin. Maybe he will give some good news. I hope. Maybe it's a bad luck ;( Who knows.... But it's too long to DL every single file. BT batch of 500 is much easyer! Why can't I do that?
  5. No, this is not a college, it is a small town of 30,000 peoeple, and we have 3 local ISPs here. And it's only a hundred PCs that share files. Unfortunately, it is not a BT client's fault. I use Bit Tornado, it's my favorite for more than a year. I think it is compatible with your tracker. But the problem is that I just can't reach the page that has .torrent files! Isn't that silly! I'll check Admin in monday, maybe he will help. I hope. But I Surely could get to it before. The http://bt.ocremix.org/ page. Hmm. Can someone please send me .torrent files to my e-mail? I'm sure I will still be able to BT, but I don't have .torrents. My box is <firespirit[eta]tts[dot]lt>. I will REALLY apreciate it! EDIT: Thanx for .torrent files. But I get an error 10060 a urlopen error in Bit Tornado. I'll have to ask admin for a solution. sight.
  6. The BitTorrent page is down. Why? I had only bought an HDD to BT all OCXs and other BT stuff, but i come to you and find your BT page refusing a connection. is our network (we have about 100+ komputers under 1 IP) blocked? this sucks when i get (111) Connection refused. If it is possible please unban us. (if this is an issue, and we all have specific assigned IPs in the network here, and to change one costs the whole month's fee of unlimited downloading. thats a lot.) Please, people, let me BT from you;) I'll seed (even though we are all FLd. But the music is all realy great!
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