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  1. If you want anime that's not just the usual fare, in terms of both art and plot, go for Gankutsuou, Mononoke, and Kaiji. Akagi too. The first is a retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo story, with some of the most amazing style and art direction I've ever seen in animation. Mononoke, although I'm personally not a huge fan, primarily because it's creepy and haunting, has even more amazing art than Gankutsuou.

    Akagi and Kaiji both chronicle gamblers of one form or another. They're both made by the same guy, and both are hilarious and tragic at the same time. The story is new and fresh- it's great to have stories like this in a medium that often boils down to either "weird shit detective" or "boy and girl fall in love BUT IT CAN NEVER BE."

    Also do yourself a favor and buy some Lupin the 3rd. It's a classic, and sells on the cheap cheap.

  2. I'll tell about some games that haven't aged a SECOND: Freakin' Viewtiful Joe and Viewtiful Joe 2. I really hope there's a third at some point. SSX 3 too.

    More on subject, I remember playing Stubbs the Zombie at a buddy's place a while back, and when I saw that steam ws selling it for like 15 bucks, I figured why not.

    As much fun as I had playing it years ago, after playing TF2, Gears of War and Portal, and pretty much realizing how shooters, third person or first person should handle, the game was incredibly frustrating.

    It's a shame because it's fun and unique, but ionno, the difficulty curve and other factors just make it HARD TO PLAY.

    Same goes for FF3. Playing it back in the day, before it came all pimped out to the DS, I remember really liking it. Then I bought it and got an unimpressive, frustrating grindfest. Gah.

  3. So I got in a fight the other day, and after I handed this dude's ass to him, I heard a disembodied, booming voice say "FINISH HIM". I proceeded to laser the guy with my eyes, causing him to burst into flames. The same voice proclaimed "SammyG WINS. FATALITY". Then a second disembodied voice squeaked "Toasty!"

  4. Is it just me , or were the levels not so much "clever" as they were "Jonathan Blow being a douche". It's a great platformer, and it's fun, but I can't stand the dude that made it. The story is uninteresting amd cliched, assuming you've read any poetry. I saw the ending coming a mile away, and had no attachment to any of the characters.

    I feel like it has its head way too far up its own ass. It oozes "indie". In this case, I think it's a bad thing.

    (to be fair, the SPOILER atom bomb SPOILER thing is interesting, at least. It just feels way too symbolic and stuff for me. If you're not actively looking for the metaphor, it's simply not there. Which, to me, is the sign of a bad metaphor.)

  5. This is again, more of a "Am I the only one who heard that?" but....I've always been bothered in like Capcom vs SNK whenever Terry pulls off Buster Wolf. That whole "Are you okay?" bit was always a "WTF?" moment.

    What's to understand? He's asking the dude if he's okay!

  6. Its said this virus will be released tomorrow April 1st. HAR HAR HAR. Anyways. Just don't be opening anything you shouldn't and downloading stuff you're not too sure about its contents, and all should be good.

    quoted for common sense

  7. I disagree. SFIV is harder to play than HD Remix, IMO. HDRemix was the first fighter I put any real time into (very very casually played some SF games years ago) and I found myself doing well in ranked matches without that much practice. In SF4, the design changes make it simply harder to get good at.

    Once again, it's like we're playing completely different games here. I've never been particularly good at street fighter games, but I found SF4 much easier to get better at than SF2THD.

  8. Totally agree with AnSo here. One of my biggest complaints about his review is that he keeps citing guilty gear as a paragon of fighting game design, and yet guilty gear itself falls victim to many of the criticisms that Sirlin raises.

    Guilty gear features 3 gauges, and 2 special gauges, counting the burst gauge. It is probably one of the most complex fighting series ever made.

    In addition, responding to his reflex argument, high level play in guilty gear is all about those types of combos. It's not a strategic step in- step out. I feel like he got this totally wrong about SF. At least in mid-level play, there's a marked tradeoff between offence and defense. In guilty gear, many times it's all one or the other. One person may go on the offensive, linking precisely into a dust combo, while another will just block and dodge, waiting for the special meter to fill so that he or she could do a one-hit KO move at the perfect moment.

    I dunno, it just seems like this guy and I are playing totally different games.

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