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  1. On a related note, I'm sick of people who claim that all rappers are "destroying the english language in front of recording equipment". You listen to fucking video game music, people. Have an open mind. Sure, Soulja Boy is terrible, and is arguably destroying hip-hop, but to use him as an example of rap and hip hop culture is short-sighted and ignorant. Today, rap is less about ego, and more about pointing out issues with black lower-class culture in an almost sociological way. Listen to some Nas, some Scarface. Sorry to rant, but it peeves me when people say things like "that whole culture has an ego problem". It's just ignorant and untrue.

  2. Counterpoint for all these people saying music is necessary.

    it might be important to talk about games that don't include a real soundtrack for the levels/game. Ico was highly successful in capturing mood and ambience but hardly had any music at all. What, you have the ending theme and the save music. That's it. Nothing in game. The soundtrack pretty much becomes just the ambient sounds in the environment. Music does not add to the game, but critics and fans alike hail it as one of the most immersive games to ever be produced.

    Not saying keeping music out in all cases gives you better emotive qualities, but some games can benefit from a lack of music, just because we are so used to hearing music, thus expecting it to fill in a void where the graphics and ambience cannot jars us and forces us to really listen. It's simple and effective, and again, very few games can get away with this, but Ico, again, does it very well. Exceedingly well, which in itself can almost prove the opposite point of what most people are stating above. Simple sounds of the world around the player can be just as effective, and at times, perhaps more so.

    You have games like Shadow of the Colossus that are almost defined by the music, and then you have Ico, that is defined by its lack of music. It's a two way street.

    This is pretty much what I meant. But you said it better and more clearly :3

  3. The more I think about it, the more I feel like soundtracks aren't necessary for video games. In the 8-bit era, the music was there to help bring the player into the game, because the graphics sure weren't gonna do that. Now, with the rise of, you know, GRAPHICS, and especially the genre of art games, I would really love to see and play a video game designed to be silent, relying wholly on graphics, design, and gameplay to hook the player.

    That said, I do love my video game music and sill freely admit that it is an integral part of the video game as it exists today.

    I guess I just don't think it neccesarily HAS to be?

  4. d'awwwwww

    btw I don't hate you purplemanofspoon, i just think you can do better than this. It's really not that hard to come up with an engaging question- look, here I go.

    How about...

    The New Nostalgia: What was lost between mario kart 64 and MK: wii? In my dorm, we have an n64 and an Xbox. The n64 sees much more wear and tear than the Xbox, even though the games library for the 64 is sparse and we only have 2 controllers. Why is this?

    See? That only took like a minute. And notice it's open ended- this question could have any number of answers, perhaps not even relating to video games. Hopefully some would share their views and opinions on the cultural impact of nostalgia as well.

    It's not that hard, man. You can do better


  5. I apologize if it was unclear, but my post was meant to be parodical of the inherent nature of these threads, and was not entered seriously. :3

    EVERY SINGLE SPELLING MISTAKE was calculated to display the kind of childish, dumb, and simplistic nature of threads like these. It actually pissed me off to read this thread- at least it's one of few of its kind.

    Purplecowofdoom, get some damn imagination. Perhaps this thread would be acceptable if you were a game designer or moviemaker looking to brainstorm ideas for unique weapons to put in a game. As it is, it's a giant circlejerk(odd, considering you're the only one who still takes this thread seriously) brainstorming session with no end to work towards, and no brains to feed it.

  6. So I wanna buy a 360. I have some contacts I'm looking intp at the mo', but assuming they fall through, I'd be happy to relieve one of you of your microsoft xbox 360, RROD'd or not, so long as I can send it in and get it replaced. Be warned, I'm poor. I can't pay much more than 150 or 180 dollars, and I'm looking for the system, a 20 gig hard drive, the cables, and atleast one controller. I'm not really expecting y'all to jump at the bit, but if any of you want to sell, I'll buy! I'm in MD for the next couple weeks, then shipping off to Chicago for school.

  7. Dude, the ion drumset is a very optional thing- its draw is that it's a real electric drumset with RB compatibility, not that it will add functionality to the game. It's something for people who like play drums IRL and want to heighten the experience. Personally I can't understand why someone who doesn't play drums would want that set now, much less "later down the road".

    Also, @ Pure-Evil, true, Rock Band hasn't been very portable, but that's prolly because Activision is HUEG and MTV games/harmonix aren't (that big) yet. Plus, don't you think artist exclusivity is kind of a dick thing for Activision to do?

  8. malaki- I don't think the RB DLC is back-compatible. Also, have you seen the setlists? This is prolly a personal thing, but I can't stand about 50% of the songs GH:WT is putting on there. Personally, a guitar with a silly touchpad and a needlessly complicated drumset won't make up for the fact that I don't like the song I'm playing. It's kind of a shame, because, you know the song creation is great and all. IMO, the GH frill looks great, but the core game has yet to impress me.

  9. I totally disagree. This song, given my glam/hair metal tendencies, really gets me thinking. It's nice to have a track like this, you know, one that leaves a spot for the vocalist to do his or her thing, not you know, feeding the singer his or her melody line. You may or may not be hearing from me.

  10. Man, I really hope guitar hero: WT comew out with a track listing as good as this one. Seeing bands like Korn confirmed for it give me the willies. With bands like Ratt and Judas Priest making the cut, I'm starting to wonder if I should give up the better guitar controller and music creator for an awesome setlist...

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