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  1. Hey! check out my new album. He Often Rattles on Thus About a week of work. All made in FL Studio. Recommended tracks to listen to; Congruent Consciousness Play Within This Isn't a Fully Receptive Experience Infact, listen to them all! Anyfeed back would be appreciated.
  2. Bobsledding in the Gobi by PooLatka Here's my newest album. A lot of straight synths for you old school video game fans...aside from the second song. I love the feedback of the ocremix community and would appreciate some tips on areas of improvement.
  3. Hey man. Read your post yesterday and today I woke up and made this... thought it fit. Enjoy your freestyle and, if you can, post something so I can check it out. If you got some good hooks I'll add some music for you. This track is yours to tell me what to do. So, let me know if you want any changes... tempo, hooks, whatever. http://soundcloud.com/poolatka/brass-freestyle-beat p.s. while you're at it, check out WASD on my soundcloud... maybe you can rap about a first person shooter?
  4. http://soundcloud.com/poolatka/the-miners-fortune Old adventure-game-style crystal dungeon theme.
  5. http://soundcloud.com/poolatka/wasd-6-full-nolyrics check it out. Need somebody to collab on lyrics, or just discuss below and I'll slap it together somehow.
  6. http://soundcloud.com/poolatka/tossers are the vocals in this sample legible? i've been listening to it for a while and i know whats i'm saying... not sure if other people can understand it.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doppler_effect Like when a siren sounds different when its passing you
  8. sounds good... pump up those sirens and giving it a doppler-esk effect would really pull me in more. maybe it's my preference, but your song doesn't have a lot drums, which could add to it. anyway, that's all i got for now.
  9. Hey everybody... been a long time since i've been on OC remix, but with the upcoming release of Starcraft 2, I thought I'd throw in my hand at remixing. So, I dove into the Starcraft 2 sound library, and started chopping and rearranging. Also, I made my own technique for doing the protoss voice... This is what I got so far. "After the Broodwar, a group of protoss parted off from the rest of the tribe. With their peaceful interactions with select groups Terrans, they started to delve into the Terran arts, more specifically, Rap and Hip-Hop." A Protoss Rap/Hip-Hop Song. http://soundcloud.com/poo
  10. http://sites.google.com/site/poolatka/ Both my musical journal (with a SC remix) and a live stream of the beta.
  11. A Musical Journal Updated Daily http://sites.google.com/site/poolatka/ Check out my musical journal, leave some comments if you like.
  12. http://www.mediafire.com/?wngm1adrjhm
  13. Very good. I like your work on the main melody. try playing around and customizing your synths more as well as dynamics (Volumes, pans, etc..) great start
  14. yea, the total song is going to be longer, also, the part that is more quiet will have more melody in it. I'm more of a hobbiest, and I make my music for myself so im not worried about submission (although i will submit anyway for the hell of it). Busy this weekend, but i'll keep it updated.
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