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  1. Yo can we talk about this though? https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/12/a_merry_hyrule_christmas_album_blends_zelda_classics_with_beloved_festive_carols
  2. Those are cute! Woulda liked 'em for my wife anyhow. Meanwhile, in other news, I'm almost at the end of Mass Effect 2 for the first time, and you all did some BANGIN' work on that soundtrack. Not only that, I'm pretty sure it's one of, if not THE best paced/written game(s) of all time. Props!
  3. Yeah... I mean I have NO musical skill and I could make a dubstep mix. The basics of it certainly aren't that complex, but if you take the time to really work with the song beyond LFO's and bass drops, amazing things can happen.
  4. Just wondering what people round here think of dubstep. I've hear it referred to as "technicians, reproducing other people's sounds and amplifying the bass." True, most dubstep I've heard is a remix, and true, dubstep doesn't seem to have a ton of tools in its arsenal. Oscillators and bass drops. But this site is kind of about remixes anyway, isn't it? You might like it, you might not. But damn if it isn't the most amazing experience in the world to get blazed out of your mind and put it on your surround sound system. Anyway! Talk it up. How do you like it?
  5. I know. Larry talked me into changing it in a moment of weakness.
  6. I know right? Hey Bob... I just... Just go surf until you find something we can cram Mel Gibson into, okay? Lemme know when you got something. The movie may not be that great, I just LOVE the concept behind how it's happened. With the right military advisors it could be okay, but I mean... it's marines going back in time. Suspension of disbelief. As to who I am, that is a question few can answer. I most commonly prefer the title "Lord of the Lurk." I've been here 9 years, sometimes I post, most times I don't, often I browse. I tend to show up for periods of a few weeks and disappear for years, but I'm always here.
  7. So, in what I would consider a shining example of the so-called American Dream, Warner Brothers has picked up the movie rights to a comment made on a Reddit post. About a month ago, a user asked the question, Could I destroy the entire Roman Empire during the reign of Augustus if I traveled back in time with a modern U.S. Marine infantry battalion or MEU? To his credit, instead of taking the (one might think) obvious path and bombing them to hell, he placed specific limits on the resources available to the Marine unit. A user by the name of Prufrock451, who happens to be a 2 time Jeopardy winner and technical (read:encyclopedia and tech manual) writer, responded. And responded. With a pretty epic story treatment, that follows the rules laid down by the OP. Evidently studio execs got wind of it and picked it up. I for one think the whole situation, as well as the story idea is (are?) pretty awesome. In other news, how the hell have you been OCR? It's been a long time!
  8. Ahahaha I am a LURKER. :P

  9. You've been here 9 years and 2 days without a single friend or visitor message? Damnnnnnnn. Well I'll contaminate your wall to start :o

  10. You poor bastard. I went to ODU for about 3 weeks before I told them to fuck themselves. Anyway, you're obviously not in Rhode Island anymore, so welcome to the 757. Don't swear on Atlantic Avenue, stay the hell out of Portsmouth and avoid the tunnels all the time but especially at 3pm, that's when the squids are getting off duty. Better to stay on campus and save yourself 2 hours in a backup. My best advice is to get out of Hampton Roads while you still can. It eats souls.
  11. You are correct and I stand corrected.
  12. I LOVED this movie. Went to see it with my girlfriend twice. For those of you that weren't aware and are comparing it to the Little Mermaid, the similarities are because Glen Keane was the lead animator for Rapunzel. He was also the lead animator for Ariel, and the supervising animator for the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas and Tarzan. The man has a God given gift to put more emotion into a character than any person has a right to. Find any Disney movie with his name attached and I guarantee it was one of their finest. Add to that the fact that Alan Menken (Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast) did the music... and you have near perfection. Aside from all that, the animation is nothing short of stunning. It easily rivals some of Pixar's finest work. The fluidity, the detail, the physics, the lighting... everything is spot on. This movie was a throwback to the glory days of Disney in the late 80's and early 90's. The music was so good that my gf and I decided to use the song from the lantern ceremony (The one they both sang) in our wedding. This movie has that intangible HEART we so want to see in animated movies and so rarely get anymore, and all I can say is I REALLY hope to see more of this from Disney.
  13. I shall break my 6 month lurk to ask: Did something happen to kLuTz that I'm not aware of? Why is he unable to submit this himself?
  14. Okay, so I haven't had a chance to listen to the album yet. I'll be doing that in a minute when I jump in my car, and I'm rather excited because I haven't really listened to ANYTHING from this site since about mid 2009... so hopefully this will be my triumphant return. But I wanna take a minute to say that the ARTWORK for this album is unbelievable. Oftentimes the web designers and artists for each of these releases kinda get lost in the fray and never get their proper due. But the artwork for this album is the best I've seen over 17 releases here. GREAT work. It's beautiful, imaginative, and well executed. I'm a whore for production, and this is just a cut above. Great work on the design guys! I'll come back and gush about the music later.
  15. I like how NO ONE looked at that picture and thought "holy SHIT I don't have that kind of time." *Returning to lurk mode...* "Down periscope!" "Down periscope, aye captain!" "Rig out diving planes!" "Rig out diving planes, aye captain!" "Close vents!" "Close vents, aye captain!" "Blow negative!" "Blow negative, aye captain!" "HELM, take us to LURKING depth!" "Lurking depth, aye captain!" *ping...* *ping...* *ping...*
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