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  1. Yeah, I spend a lot of my listening time with this song criticizing my voice. I'd like to say that two years have made a difference, but I've had no vocal training since then either, so it'd be fibbing of a sort. I'm nowhere near the vocalist that Jill is--I've never claimed to be, of course--and the fact of the matter is that she's leaps and bounds beyond me in technique and ability. That said--I'm still proud to be part of the whole thing; even if my contribution was the "least best", I still brought exactly what I had to offer to the table and I think that it works.
  2. This is the update I've been waiting for. Every JAPAN TIME I hit F5, praying for a Lucas moveset. And at the same time, I'm worried that this is a death knell for my Nessticle. But! Nice moveset! And they kept his almighty back-kick, plus he can tether-grab ledges (and people!) now. Ness' grab range was utter trash and it's nice to see that they've improved on it. Now if they just keep his ridiculously overpowered back-throw, we'll be in good shape.
  3. Fuck the Ice Climbers and everything to do with them
  4. T-minus 13 to JAPAN TIME. What's the givings, Sak-kun?
  5. YES YES YES YES YES dedededededededede
  7. Home Run Contest! Two updates with Lucas pics this week leads me to believe that we'll get his moveset this week, god willing. Looks like they replaced Ness' fair with that little pingy kick you can see in this update, though.
  8. I play Ness and JP, both of which have not been announced Hopefully Lucas plays enough like my boy Ness
  9. Here's hoping he plays like a cross between Jigglypuff and Sheik.
  10. Who says I work for Blizzard? That sounds ridiculous. If I did, I certainly wouldn't want people saying I did on a public forum, since I believe that's pretty frowned upon in the company.
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