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    Just started a sound cloud account to display the tinnitus inducing horrors known as my music WIPs. Check it out here http://soundcloud.com/darrencsmith
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  1. Great to hear from you, my friend! :)

    And I'm still up for that, if you'd still like to! I've got all of my stuff back (and a bit more), so I'm in better shape now. :D

    As for combining sources for between two differents DAWs, there are two ways, basically:

    1) Send a .WAV file of a segment to the other person and have them add to it.

    - or -

    2) Send a .MID file back and forth so each person can add notes to it until its one song.

    I'd recommend #2. Once the .MID file is completed, or along the way, each person could then discuss which parts they wanted to add which instruments to and go from there.

    On another note, best of luck to you in the competition! Looking forward to hearing what you come up with! :D

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