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  1. Voted! Additionally: Great use of FX in the two mixes that used it!
  2. Entry submitted! Sorry it took me a while on this one; it took a while to figure out what I wanted to do here.
  3. Entry submitted! This was definitely fun and interesting to work with, and sorry that's it been a few rounds since I've submitted anything. Looking forward to hearing more takes on this one!
  4. Congrats to Argle for winning and great job to everyone on their entries! Sorry I didn't vote this time - will make sure to do so in the next round! In regards to your PM, HoboKa - sounds awesome to me!
  5. Entry submitted! Trism - This was an excellent pick (I hadn't even heard of this game until now)! It definitely is like an 80's action movie ending - victorious and uplifting! Also, thanks, TheVideoGamer, for the additional MIDI! I really appreciate it! I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's entries!
  6. I wanted to participate in the free round, but I couldn't decide on a source (until AFTER the deadline). But I'm definitely gonna give this one a go! On that note - Zephyr's quite an excellent source pick, TheVideoGamer! I'm glad you liked my source pick! So, I have... something, but... it's under the genre of: "Randomness & Spontaneity." ...yeah, I'm gonna give it another listen tomorrow and send it in (soon). Edit #1: Okay! Things sound a bit better. But, some parts, upon additional listening, need more tweaking, but that happens. (Late) Edit #2: Sorry I
  7. Thanks for the entries, Trism and HoboKa! I'm looking forward to what you pick for #99, Trism. Also, I hope you all have a Happy New Year! Belated edit #1: Thanks for the comments, TheVideoGamer! I was especially focused on making it sound as realistic as I could this time, so I'm glad that paid off! Belated edit #2: TheVideoGamer gave some great critiques: I can't really think of anything to add! So, basically, I wanted to echo that I also loved HoboKa's sudden shift to a polka-style in the latter half of his mix (and that ethereal choir, beautiful), and I really loved
  8. Sorry to hear that, HoboKa. And no worries! I kind of figured that since it was Christmas, everyone was focused on that instead. Either way, thanks for the extension. With that said, I hope you feel better soon.
  9. Sorry it's taken me so long to submit a bonus mix - a couple of the initial ideas I had didn't pan out quite as well as I had hoped (in addition to getting ready for Christmas!). Either way, I'll definitely have something in today! Edit #1: Bonus mix submitted! I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and if you don't celebrate that holiday - I hope you have a wonderful day!
  10. Thank you, and thanks for your critiques! Also, I don't think there's anything unfair about your criteria - I'm glad you liked it, though! Sorry I didn't have much to say about yours (or, really, anyone's mix), but I did enjoy what I heard (that's usually what I focus on first, with production second) - it took me back to old Castlevania days and was cleanly produced! Once again, I really enjoyed what I heard from you, and everyone this round! With that said, I hope you'll all like this suggestion I'm submitting. Edit #1: Submission sent!
  11. Thanks for all of the comments / votes, everyone - I really appreciate it! I really enjoyed all of the entries for this round. Thanks! I was certainly surprised, both times! Edit #1: Okay, I think I've found something to suggest!
  12. Voted! Voting was a bit difficult - I liked what I heard from everyone! Edit #1: Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I'm glad my fake guitars didn't do too much damage. Edit #2: Thanks again for the critique and a great job to all for the songs this round! The source selection for MnP #98 has been submitted, HoboKa! I hope you all like it.
  13. (Dynamic and first PRC) entry submitted! I wanted to give this one a try (and, this time, had something of an idea). Even though I haven't played this Castlevania game either... I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's entries.
  14. Entry submitted! I was at the point of second-guessing everything about my entry (a bad habit I have), so I figured it was time to submit what I had. Either way, I'm looking forward to listening to everyone's entries soon, and, on another note, I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving this Thursday! If you don't celebrate that holiday (or you have it another day), then I hope you have a happy day! Edit #1: I slightly updated my entry. Listening to it, one part felt kind of empty, so I added an accompanying synth. Hopefully, it's a bit better now!
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