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    Just started a sound cloud account to display the tinnitus inducing horrors known as my music WIPs. Check it out here http://soundcloud.com/darrencsmith
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  1. Cool deal I’ll have to download and listen to these and probably last years as well.
  2. Hey guys! It has been a long time. What did I miss?
  3. Lol, I keep looking for the 2016 Darke megaman compo but this one is a pleasant surprise. Loved this game. One of the few that had good writing and fun combat at the time.
  4. I had a lot of fun this competition as well. Personally, I struggle with arrangement and flow vs creativity. Either I have one or the other but never both in one song. Time constraints hurt too. I'll continue trying to improve and wanted to thank everyone who has offered help and feedback. We need a Zelda compo next with power, courage, and wisdom brackets .... Once everyone recovers from this.
  5. I think all of us have love / hate relationships with music. On another note my entry is submitted. Completely changed the way I went about writing this time. Let me know if it is any better.
  6. I've got to order a cord to make my PS3 headset work with my ps4 (looks like an aux cord but has 3 rings on one side and 2 on the other).
  7. So what are you in the mood to remix then? We can offer better suggestions if you have an idea. I'll suggest two from games that people haven't ever remixed on this site. Heck I'm even trying to choose rare or obscure games. Smart Phone - (Brave Frontier) Song Name - Creator PS2 - Suikoden III Song Name - Blade
  8. I'm a level 24 hunter blade dancer (Recon / Shotgun), was about to play today but couldn't bring myself to do it. If I had people to co-op with that I actually knew I think I'd get further than the login screen. Please add me if you want. I can usually play MTWRF 6-11 PM. PS4 ID: Kemarofangs
  9. Thanks for figuring this out. It has been bugging me all week lol. Now im looking up wild west themed touhou music. That niche does exist.
  10. So why does part of the cyber maze song remind me of Wild Arms? Anyone know?
  11. tamayto, tomahto, potayto, potahto. Please don't diminish my spirit guys. I'm a sharp guy. I can take a hint when you be ragging on me.
  12. Is the shaker panned only to the left? It's a bit distracting. Sometimes if I want a wider percussive field I can add a very slow tremelo to say hats in order to give a slight sweeping panning effect. Something like a rate of (1/4).
  13. Usually its easiest to focus on the bass. When I hum the beginning into a tuner I get a D. It could change after the intro though. Only way to really know is figure out all the notes though and look at the scales to see if all the transcribed notes fit for the section you are looking at. Here is a useful link. http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~scottd/chords_and_scales/music.html Do the notes fit on any of these scales (Since you think it is F)? PS: To all the veteran musicians. Is this good advice / terrible advice? Do I know what I'm doing? I don't want to steer people wrong but if my system is wrong or can be improved I'd love to be enlightened. F Major F G A A# C D E F natural minor F G G# A# C C# D# F harmonic minor F G G# A# C C# E F melodic minor F G G# A# C D E F major pentatonic F G A C D F minor pentatonic F G# A# C D# F blues F G# A# B C D# F minor blues F G G# A# B C C# D# F major blues F G G# A A# B C D D# F augmented F G A B C# D# F diminished F G G# A# B C# D E F Phrygian-Dominant F F# A A# C C# D# F Dorian F G G# A# C D D# F Phrygian F F# G# A# C C# D# F Lydian F G A B C D E F Mixolydian F G A A# C D D# F Locrian F F# G# A# B C# D# F jazz melodic minor F G G# A# C D E F Dorian b2 F F# G# A# C D D# F Lydian augmented F G A B C# D E F Lydian b7 F G A B C D D# F Mixolydian b13 F G A A# C C# D# F Locrian #2 F G G# A# B C# D# F super Locrian F F# G# A B C# D# F whole half diminished F G G# A# B C# D E F half whole diminished F F# G# A B C D D# F enigmatic F F# A B C# D# E F double harmonic F F# A A# C C# E F Hungarian minor F G G# B C C# E F Persian F F# A A# B C# E F Arabian F G A A# B C# D# F Japanese F F# A# C C# F Egyptian F G A# C D# F Hirajoshi F G G# C C#
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