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  1. Do you have a version without the voice clips? It took me a while to get used to, and it's a great remix and all, but it just seems a bit out of place.
  2. hey....was that pic taken at Otakon in baltimore, MD? Man, so many good remixers living nearby...heck this is like my first time checking out the boards and i see that djpretzel live in VA! lol, i guess remixing's an east coast thing. on topic, i've been downloading alot of remixes on this site since a long while back, and all the ones with voices usually stray me away instantly. it's just not my thing. but i hear this one and it's like, "ok, i'll let it slide...ok, this is pretty good....alright, flashback of childhood memories and secret of mana....damn this is a pretty sweet mix." It really does justice to the classic, and the lyrics were placed so it never really went overboard. and i just love that part in 2:49 where you start singing your own melody. i do that kinda stuff when i listen to my gaming music, like throw in my own part to enhance it, i dunno i just liked it alot. Very good stuff.