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  1. Sup OCR? it's been a while eh? Got a new Rockman/Megaman EXE remix up and thought I'd share it. Hope y'enjoy! LIGHTING UP THE DARK - MMBN3 R-MIX
  2. LINK Other links are in the Youtube description.
  3. PURPLE CASHMERE CANNONBALL - YOUTUBE PURPLE CASHMERE CANNONBALL - SOUNDCLOUD First remix of 2018 - and I do hope it's enjoyable m'friend's : )
  4. 2ND Impact Remix I figured I'd share; The game has such great music that's criminally overlooked : ) [PICTURE IS THE LINK] SOUNDCLOUD LINK
  5. A quick little mix I thought I'd share : ) SLUMDON - HEARTHIS YOUTUBE
  6. Rukunetsu

    OCR03578 - Run Saber "Break My Strider"

    Any love for Runsaber is an upvote from me. Doesn't hurt that the mix sounds pretty damn great as well.
  7. Haha - these chill arrangements are coming in by the droves; No real technical critique here as it was already addressed - so just saying very nice work here so far and do keep it up.
  8. Definitely like the direction this is going in for sure. Master Mi already addressed what I was going to so all I can say is to keep at it!
  9. Here y'go m'friend - Instructions on how to submit your mix. That said, this is very nice.