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  1. Hello all - we got a remix of the super mario all stars game select theme. I've always loved it, and so here's a take on it for the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2.
  2. Another Chrono Trigger remix after many years - This time a commission.
  3. Some Love (once again) for the Tekken 2 player select theme - Spruced up just a touch for T7.
  4. A Saga Frontier 2 lo-fi inspired mix this time (from an album). I hope it's enjoyable m'friends.
  5. This time we've got some Zelda BOTW. Hope you all enjoy.
  6. Instead of Creating a new thread for every mix, I'll take a page out of Eluukkanen's book (and all who've done this before them) and start posting remixes to a single thread...instead of making a new thread everytime. So here we have a Samurai Shodown remix this time around that do hope you all enjoy.
  7. Remix of the excellent Rocket Surgeon track from the original No more Heroes ost. Hope you enjoy. ROCKET MEMORIES (SOUNDCLOUD)
  8. Had a blast with this one. Hope you all enjoy. THE 7TH FANFARE - FFVII REMIX Type-R
  9. I just really enjoy it. Ever since I really got into it back in the day, it's something I love doing.
  10. It's been a while eh? ANOTHER REDIAL (YOUTUBE)
  11. Sup OCR? it's been a while eh? Got a new Rockman/Megaman EXE remix up and thought I'd share it. Hope y'enjoy! LIGHTING UP THE DARK - MMBN3 R-MIX