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    Like most here, I'm a bit fan of music and all of it's forms. I draw inspiration from it all to form my own style, which I hope you'll come to enjoy. aaaand that's about it. I also do artwork as well.
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  1. Something different from the usual, A mortal Kombat remix. Hope y'like!
  2. Resident of the Bahamas here - Damage to human life (virus wise) is minimal, but being heavily reliant on tourism, this bad boy has changed the face of our economy for the forseeable future. I'm still up the same old same old however - still working full hours, and still making remixes; but spending less money due to the lockdowns put in place after 9pm and on weekends (24 hour lock down). However, things are slowly opening up and for what it's worth everyone is taking things in stride.
  3. Native, I appreciate that much more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you so much m'friend.
  4. Back at it again everyone; quick remix of the Neon Night Riders track. Hope y'like.
  5. Very quick Pilotwings Mix. Though previous OCR artists have definitely done this justice, I hope this is enjoyable all the same.