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  1. Yikes. I just stopped my server from seeding the torrent for a while to let it just serve the mp3s (I'll start seeding again when things cool down a little). My 10mbit/sec connection bursts to ~20. The torrent was holding steady at 15mbit/sec plus the HTTP traffic from the mp3s. Apparently, somebody likes Chrono Symphonic.
  2. It's not about having a pretty site, it's about showing a little courtesy to those of us about to serve up >100MB worth of MP3s to hundreds of people free of charge. The load needs to be distributed, or one or two servers are going to be saturated and unusable for the duration, while all the others sit there doing nothing because human nature is to just click the first link. Personally, my server has other things to do, too, like handling email and serving up several websites. I've got a ton of bandwidth to spare, but I can't afford to have everyone who wants to download Chrono Symphonic hi
  3. I've got a box with over a terabyte of monthly transfer on a 10mbps link that currently goes largely unused that I'd be happy to mirror CS on. I can help seed the torrent, too.
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