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  1. I realize I'm late into the discussion (like, really really late), but I just wanted to say that this game was infuriating. That is all.
  2. Waving the feather of a mythological creature over your body will return you to life...unless your death helps aggravate a severe mental breakdown of the main character. (Final Fantasy VII) Regardless of how rare and unexpected your presence on a planet/ship is, even of an alien race with which you are at war, there will always be items and computer networks specifically designed to suit your need to power-up and save. (Metroid series) Mutes make the best heroes. (Metroid series, Legend of Zelda series, Chrono Trigger, etc.) Objects that appear as if they are not part of the background are subject to the Law of Inexplicable Motion when in close proximity to the main character. (almost every game ever) Don't be fooled by that cliff with a ten-foot dropoff...despite surviving countless bullet wounds with no medical assistance, a short fall can kill you. (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune) Teenage girls in pink dresses are very, very deadly. (Phantasy Star) ~.C.S.~
  3. Great song, dude. As already mentioned, this is way too awesome of an arrangement and feel to simply leave samples to do their damage. You have to be a remixer on the offensive. Oh, and some well-done vocals would add a new level of awesome to this piece. No joke there. ~.C.S.~
  4. Thanks, zircon. I'll do some research on those recommendations and see if anything really fits the billet. I appreciate the lengthy list, too...sounds like you know what you're talking about, fo sho. ~.C.S.~
  5. Well...I want both. But I guess if that can't be done...then I want a MIDI controller. One that will interface with my soundfonts and plugins, instead of having me rely on the piano roll. Yeah, that sounds right. Do I need additional software/hardware (aside from the keyboard) for that? Or is a controller (and the plugins/SFs) all I need? Again, lingo-confused guy here. Hopefully now I'm making sense. ~.C.S.~
  6. Holy shit. I wasn't expecting this one. Awesome work. I'm glad to see that multiple previously-uncovered themes were included, because PS4 has such amazing music, well-suited for an orchestral setting. And this is godly. I might be asking you some questions a little later in the future, Vampire Hunter Dan. About PS4 and orchestral stuffs and projects. You know, the usual. ~.C.S.~
  7. I want to be able to play the music off the keyboard and record it straight to my computer with an audio recording program. For the plugins and other soundfonts I already have, you said I can use that RGC SFZ plugin, so no worries on that end. Basically, I want ultimate controllability from the keyboard, and if a GOOD setup requires that I have a soundcard/controller on my computer, then so be it. As for speakers, I have some laptop speakers, but that's pretty much it. Nothing fancy. I appreciate the comments and all. As you can tell, I'm fairly keyboard/synth-dumb, so any referencing or tutorials on, like, setups and stuff would be mucho appreciated. Thank you again. ~.C.S.~
  8. I actually have been wondering the same thing. Usually I just program notes into the FL piano roll (as OverCoat says, like a fucking tool), but I want to try something different and do it manually. Also, I want to learn music theory, so that'll help out as well. My basic requirements are: -line-in to my computer/mixing program (FLStudio6) so I can record it straight off the keyboard and play it later -good selection of decent orchestral/non-orchestral pre-programmed sounds -the ability to play sounds/soundfonts already on my computer -knobs...lots of knobs (velocity, pitch, tremolo [or whatever they call it], lots of stuff) -my budget isn't super-high, but I'd be willing to dish out up to $1000 for an excellent keyboard -whatever other kickass stuff you guys recommend Any recommendations? I'd appreciate it. ~.C.S.~
  9. Not dead, really. Just...not that alive. Sorta hit by a car and left in the street, bleeding. But someone HAS called an ambulance, and resuscitation is hopefully on the way. Basically, Compy relayed to me that he's restarted work, but he has other things on his mastering platter, so...don't expect it to be done any time soon, but it should be forthcoming. ~.C.S.~
  10. Alright...so, there's been a lot of changes in plans for my schedule in the coming months, and it looks like the project isn't going to be going anywhere for quite a while. I'll still work on the script and try to get things in place, but don't expect anything announcement-wise for at least the next, oh, six months or more. Just letting you guys know. I appreciate all the support and replies, though. And enjoy some PS4 music in the interim. ~.C.S.~
  11. Hmm...good ideas, good ideas. I like the "Philharmonic" touch avaris, though I think the titles you suggested are quite a mouthful. We'll eventually hammer out the right title...it's not really a pressing issue. As for some electronic elements in the project, -RK-, I was thinking about that myself. Problem is, I want the project to be mostly symphonic, and if any synths are added at all, they would have to be tastefully done and not crowd or control the piece. Plus, there are SO many ways that people go about using electronica, it might just turn into a huge confusing nightmare, and then again every song won't have synths, so songs that do will stand out as being different... I dunno. I have to consult some people (and myself) a little more before I approve anything like that. But don't worry...for at least one song on the project, an instrument banned from Chrono Symphonic will be permitted/encouraged, so...not all things will be the same. Just, hopefully, a lot of them. ~.C.S.~
  12. Thank you so much for everything you guys have said about the project. Listening to it at school, at work, to help put you to sleep at night...these are the best places and times to listen to this project, I think. Sit down and listen to it once to coordinate the scenes with the music, but otherwise, it's relaxing and meditative. Engaging, sure, but still, it's a soundtrack. And I'm glad you guys are treating it as one. BTW, if you guys haven't heard, I'll soon be starting another (similar) project to CS, called "Phantasy Symphonic: A Cinematic Adaptation" (tentative), based on the game Phantasy Star IV (Genesis). If you're interested in helping out with design, website hosting, banner-creation, anything you can think of, let me know (PM, in here, whatev). I'd appreciate some pre-project work to really launch this thing off at high speed. ~.C.S.~
  13. Thanks for the support, y'alls. I plan on writing the script immediately, and getting all of the initial bases covered, as well as generating some interest (which I hope won't be too difficult). And though I appreciate the offer, zircon, half of this particular project - with ALL the crazy stuff I have planned for it - is definitely more than can fit on a dinner table, let alone your one plate. We're gonna need a buffet line to hold this project. But still, I'd love to have you, if you don't mind doing orchestral. And Sleepy Emp, ellywu2...I'll be contacting you VERY soon. So expect to hear from me, and be ready to have at some sweet PS4 tunezzzz. BTW, what does everybody think of the title "Phantasy Symphonic: A Cinematic Adaptation"? I think it flows well, but still...opinionationisms would be splendorific. ~.C.S.~
  14. Yup, yup...I definitely appreciate all the comments, and I think I've determined which game it'll be based on. PHANTASY STAR IV There are multiple reasons that PS4 won out. First off, and most importantly, it makes for a better script...not even gonna lie about it. I can easily include all the main characters from PS4 (evil and non), I can mess around with the storyline without having to explain for pages and pages what's happening (CC has that quality about it), and it just leaves so many opportunities for great screen moments. Secondly, I have a much stronger emotional/nostalgic attachment to PS4, considering it was my first Genesis game, it has a HELL of a lot more humor in it, and the characters are more interesting (as a whole, and individually). Third, but certainly important, is that PS4 has a lot of great music, and not a lot of remixes, which makes the potential for innovation on the remixing front much greater than CC, which has had a lot of its bases covered already. Of course, I know a lot of good remixers won't want to be on a PS4 remix project rather than a CC one (along with the other things I'm gonna throw in the mix this time...hehehe), but whatever. I think the product will be much better than a CC one would've been, and it has the opportunity to pave a new series (one often overlooked) into Site Projects history. So "Phantasy Symphonic: A Cinematic Adaptation", here we come! ~.C.S.~
  15. Oh boy. Wish I could go...but being on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean makes getting to anything on the East Coast really hard. And expensive. Though I would love to see all the peeps and listen to all the musakz, alas, I cannot. But get lots of pictures, dammit! (coughandillegalmusicrecordingsifatallpossiblecough) ~.C.S.~
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