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  1. Liontamer: Yeah, Ben Croshaw is pretty much a virtuoso when it comes to games. The soundtrack is freely available (as MIDIs) on Screen 7's website and they sound exactly the same as they appear on Trilby: The Art of Theft. OverCoat: The notability factor should not be a problem with this game. Yoshi3gg: It's a great game; definitely pick it up.
  2. AoT, which is entirely original. Composed and MIDI-fied by Screen 7 (I think that's their name). EDIT: lol, names
  3. If you haven't played/heard Trilby, you really owe to yourself to do so. If you're familiar with the weekly game review titled "Zero Punctuation", then you know of Yahtzee, creator of Trilby.
  4. I searched about the forums and didn't find anything related to this, so off I go. I'm considering remixing a freeware game by the name of Trilby: The Art of Theft. How does this mesh with rules, policies and such? Thank you.
  5. Will do. I appreciate the feedback.
  6. Good to hear. Looks like Trilby might get a bit of exposure hopefully.
  7. Does a game have to be around for a certain amount of time before said game can be remixed? And in the same vein; if the first question is a yes, can any game be remixed, even if the game is not "popular"? (The game I have in mind is freeware and very, very obscure.) Thank you.
  8. The ECF-42 doesn't have HP but Dr.REX does....... I'd like tempo automation. And a new synth. Ooh! (this might be a bit of a stretch) And I want arpeggiation settings for the Matrix (or maybe even in the sequencer).
  9. 1) It may take a while to load them up. It took me like two minutes. >< 2) If they are burnt copies (yeah, i'm blunt) you may have labeled them wrong. 3) Reinstall? Hope that helps.
  10. Yay, more Reason freaks! I've been experimenting with "tempo automation" by changing the tempo based on percentages. If I wanted to go from 120 to 100 I'd tell the Change Event dialog to changed the notes by about 83%. Is there another way that you do it? By the way, I'm on 3.0 Thanks a lot!
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