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  1. This is an awesome remix. Change over for the main instrument is nice. I wish the original had done something similar. After a few hours of play the 1 song + 1 battle music gets annoying. Though I still managed to fall into the game's spell and waste days of my life. I'm really surprised so many people havent played this game. Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion were all cutting edge ideas and graphics.
  2. UO had some great midi music in it. Most of it was too short to reall listen to. This was probably one of the better tracks in the game, it's too bad you had to visit an empty town or the temple of Wind to enjoy it. I like the rain in this a lot but I think it woulda still sounded better with the original harp/flute instruments.
  3. This mix is awesome! More Descent mixes please! I've been coming to this site for a while, silently enjoying the music but this mix has broken me out in a fever and the only cure is more D2. I think Descent2 had the best tracks in PC. I still have all my Descent midis, extracted years ago back in the day of Koolbear and kali.net. Let me go there just one more time.
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