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  1. Yeah, this too. Forgot. Though I should point out that many of those that stayed at the MAG hotel last year will tell you that is pretty much the best way to enjoy the event.
  2. You could get a room with two double beds at the Hilton and split it with one person (or more) thus instantly cutting your costs in half (or more). There are a number of people already advertising they are willing to do this on the site: http://magfest.org/roomlist
  3. Well, until I have enough material to go public (I haven't really thought of a threshold yet) it will be maintained here, but I mentioned in the OP that I will probably eventually make versioned torrents.
  4. Awesome guys, thanks for all the positive feedback and support. I forgot to mention how to get them to me, you can either dump them on your own site or use something like http://sendspace.com/ which will do up to 300M at a time and doesn't make me wait to download. Or if you need a more creative solution, just send me a note and we can do a send over AIM or something perhaps. Just PM me with a link to either when you've got something up and I'll pull it down. If you're hosting it yourself, you can paste the link here if you want to share it with everyone, but that might eat up some of your bandwidth so be warned.
  5. Well, I intend to accept things from VGmixers, Saucers, and RemixSiters, so really "must be an accepted OCReMix" is pointless. Besides, the real intention is to share the VGM love.
  6. Thanks! I may be preaching to the converted (no pun intended) on this one but: To anyone submitting, please remember that submissions are not lossless if they have EVER been one of the following formats: MP3, MP4, M4A, M4P, MP2, OGG, AAC, WMA, RA, RM, SPX, VQF Lossless formats include: FLAC, WAV, AIFF, APE, SHN, TTA, WV, OFR The most common example I see is someone that has a CD burned from MP3s and rips it to WAV or FLAC and tries to tell me that it's lossless. Please don't do that. Once something has been a lossy format the quality can never be restored. That's one of the key reasons for doing this project in the first place, so let me know if there's any questions before proceeding.
  7. Thanks, I do have those. I'm going more for individual mixes that have not previously been a part of a project. And, in fact, they don't have to be accepted OCReMixes either. Effectively, trying to bring people out of the woodwork that have only submitted MP3s in the past to make, say, FLAC available.
  8. So I wrote this big hueg (note it's so huge I couldn't even spell it right) post about a lossless project and my plans for it and stuff and lost it. So this is the short summary version: - Quality is important to some people, so I want to start a lossless VGM project that involves freely redistributable OSTs, remixes, and covers. - If you're not into the idea, please don't flame the project, or even start a friendly debate, we're not making you participate. - I know OCR0012 (number arbitrarily invented) or whatever old tune is probably not going to be available in lossless or the project files are gone. - Since MAGFest is often asked to supply VGM and remixes to others this could be a good way for good music to get heard in the best quality available. - This is a good way to get your tunes played by radio stations that only play lossless music. MAGradio is one example. I'm aware there are other stations that don't care. - Eventually when there are enough submissions I'll probably organize everything into versioned torrents or something. Right now I have a few people interested but I would like to get everyone together and see what they think. Please let me know!
  9. Don't forget that if you go to King St or Pentagon City metro stops there is a free hotel shuttle also.
  10. Hey, Brendan. You might not remember me, but I met you at Fusion Gaming Convention a few years ago in Roanoke. That's when you first told me about Magfest. Anyway, I'm definitely coming next year. I've wanted to for a really long time. Hope to see you there!

  11. Just stopping by to remind everyone there is both a room sharing and ride sharing thingy on the MAGFest site. Please let it help you as it has helped others in the past: http://magfest.org/ridelist http://magfest.org/roomlist If you want to be on it, just register an account / log in on the MAGFest site and then go to your profile. When you edit it, there's a "rides and rooms" section that you can specify information in. Before someone mentions it, I already know OCR folks would probably prefer to ride or room with OCR folks and all, but hey, if there's no better option for you, you could always give it a shot. JMR, I don't know if they're driving or flying or what, but I do know some folks from NB that attend yearly if you would like some advice on how they do it. Lastly, so great to see everyone trying to make plans so early. Warms my heart. <3
  12. I voted for WAV as it's the only lossless option, but please reconsider your stance on FLAC. Reasons to consider lossless over lossy: - Anyone can transcode it into their own preferred lossy format; satisfies those that want Ogg Vorbis, AAC+, whatever. - Even those that can't tell the difference still agree lossless is a higher quality format. - Easier to send to radio stations (higher quality source = more likely to be played) - You can release it in lower-bitrate MP3 and people will still be able to get high bitrate MP3 from the lossless. - People still have the choice to selectively download the format they want. Reasons to consider FLAC over WAV: - It is the most established format for lossless releases at this time. - This isn't 1994. We have software that plays the format. - Smaller filesize. - All tags/metadata are preserved. WAV has no tags/metadata. - Do you really want MINIBOSSES STREET FIGHTER 2 ASUM MIX.WAV because something didn't get tagged? - You can still get the original WAV from the FLAC if someone HAS to have a WAV. I can add more to this list but I think this is a reasonable start.
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