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  1. So, I see you're going to Magfest now.

    And I am not. *sadface*

  2. see, i don't think the 920's got the chutzpa that the 860 does thanks to the high cost of 1366 boards.

    i've never bought one, myself, so i don't have any recommendations beyond what Tom's Hardware says =)

  3. Good luck in your new endeavors, Bahamut. You've been a great mod. edit: just finished your blog post and my hat goes off to you. I know you'll give it your all. You're going to be a great marine, Wes.
  4. So, I actually got an i7 920, lol. So, now I'm looking for a 1366 motherboard. I'm planning on getting either the ASUS P6X58D-E or the ASUS Rampage III motherboard.

  5. yeah, i'm planning on getting the storm scout myself when i have enough money for a dedicated gaming computer. it's really fantastic - there's lots of cool features on it, like you can turn the LEDs on and off with a button on the front, and the HDDs are held 90 degrees sideways to allow easier access to them from the side of the case. altogether, really cool.

  6. Hey, thanks for the advice, man. I spoke with my dad about it as well today, and now I'm sold. I'm getting the i7 860! That storm scout case looks pretty nice, too.

  7. the i7-860 is what i use. that thing is a monster. i cannot, regardless of what i do, max it out.

    go with the 860. you won't regret it =) CPU's the one thing i never skimp on. you always want to get the best cpu/mobo combo you can.

    also, a suggestion? for cases, go with the Cooler Master 335 or Storm Scout (depending on your preferences on looks). possibly the best cases i've ever worked with, bar none, and they're only 50$/80$ respectively. even the CM cosmos doesn't hold a candle to them. best part? they've got a cutout under the CPU socket to allow you to swap coolers without removing the motherboard, and to allow airflow directly to the back of the cpu. why didn't someone think of that before?

  8. Hi, Prophet, I'm planning on building a computer for the next school year and I'm currently in the process of selecting a mother board and processor.

    I would like your opinion on buying a core i7 860 processor ($289)

    or a core i5 760 (quad core) ($209)

    I'm obviously trying to save money and get the most bang for my buck, but I would also like my computer to be fairly future proof. So, would it be in my best interest to go ahead and put down the extra 80 bucks for the core i7, or are the 4 cores just as good on the new core i5s?

    If you want more info or anything, just let me know on my page or pm me.


  9. Hey, I couldn't find you on aim, so.... are you going to magfest this year? I'm on the fence with the date change.

  10. Tekken vs SF! ( as if you didn't already know,lol)


  11. Same to you, my good friend.

  12. Hey, man, happy fourth of July! Hope you're having a great summer.

  13. I'm still waiting for Capcom vs. Nintendo. I would actually love to see Nintendo characters such as Mario drawn in the CVS2 art style. From what I've seen so far, I really like the art direction that mvc3 is going with, too.
  14. Wow, congratulations, gentlemen! Time to start playing Pump again in preparation for this.
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