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  1. i dont wanna be the one to piss everyone off, but just wanted to if the album itself was completed, and we are waiting for the website, cause if so. cool cool.
  2. i like downloading the projects in ISO format, because its an image of the cd, so i wont screw something up if i try to make myself like if there needs to be a 0 second time pause between tracks. plus its jsut much more easier to handle as an iso. one file, with all the trackson it.
  3. awesome!! compy fox you rock, and eveyone who has a track on the new album! it sounds so freakin awesome! I cant wait!!!! :):)
  4. well, so i dont keep my hopes up, I'm just allready expecting this album to come out in about 2 more years.
  5. please just sometime soon....i'm very so wanting to listen to the album
  6. Any update on the completion percentage? I wanna know how far yall are along till release
  7. Every day i come check this thread out in hopes of it saying "THE PROJECT IS COMPLETED!!!" but..alas...no luck yet.. Still waiting though!
  8. Hey everyone, just came to check out the status of the album. I'm just so eager to get it and listen to it...
  9. well, I have cds, cd cases, paper, and ink all ready for when this album IS finally released, so i can enjoy another one of the finest albums ever made. Just listening from the 2 tracks on the webpage, i know that all the other songs are just gonna blow me away with there awesomeness. (I love orchestrial music, spent 7 years in school orchestra) So I know i'm gonna love it!! And one day i hope to be in the ranks with everyone else here, and to one day put a remix of my own on one of these awesome projects that never fail to amaze me. I hope to be friends with all of yall in time. This is one of the best places i have found on the internet. I'll be watching for the release of the album. See you all later.
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