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  1. Hey, I've got a WIP I'd like to post- not to mention I'd love to give the others a listen. Can you give me permission to post on the forums (it says I need special access oO")?
  2. Hey everyone, sorry to come in so late. But after we talked earlier, Usa, I think I've decided to join up. I'm glad that even now there's a few of the songs I like left- I'd like to work with Decision Bell, if that's all right. Electric Talk and Ancient Dolphin appeal to me also... maybe if I feel like I can handle 'em, I'll ask to take them on later as well. :3 But for now, just Decision Bell would do. It'd be an honor to be a part of this project; I'm still fairly new to OCR, but I feel like I'm up to the challenge.
  3. Not a problem, Dafydd. And when you're closer to being finished and there's more for me to say, I'll feel free to do so.
  4. Okay, let me be as frank as possible with you, Dafydd. What you've got here isn't bad, but it is definately not a complete song that can hold my interest for very long. Of course, I'm sure it's not a finished product, but let me tell you exactly what it is you need to do before you can think about submitting it. The biggest problem, and the main reason why I wouldn't be able to stand listening to it for long, is that the whole song is basically just one loop that you periodically add things on top of. Its pacing never changes, and by the time we get to the end, you have so many instruments lay
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