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  1. Anyone know of a decent sample of a heartbeat?
  2. I recently started toying around with Synth1, and I love it, but I was wondering whether I could set events that dynamically changed, say, the Attack or the Decay or whatever on the synth. I want the sound to change as I move through the music, so how would I do that? (And if anyone could tell me how to do that with FL Studio's TB303 plugin, that would be cool too.) (Or even with any instrument/channel/plugin.)
  3. 1st question: What exactly is 'FL Syndrome'? I'm a total n00b to this whole thing, so I need to know so I can avoid it. :S 2nd question: What do I have to do to get this melody sound? There's something varying about that synth trumpet, but I can't figure out what I'm supposed to change. Is it just pitch, or is there some EQ involved, or what? (Or should I ask in a different topic?)