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  1. It's a great, joyful little ditty. I enjoyed listening to it. And the song's title? Bwahahahaha! Funny and cool!
  2. I really love this ReMix! The lyrics from the original retain their coolness, even with the altered pacing and timing. The new sounds give the song that 80's feel, but the clap makes it sound more ancient -- in a good way! Plus, with the fast beat and the pausing at key places, this has become my favorite song, period. Also, for my WRT 102 class in college, we were assigned to explicate (review and research) our favorite songs in an essay. Guess which song I explicated? This one. And, despite a couple of marks for incorrect word choice, I got a 100% on it. And my instructor is entirely ignorant of Video Game Music. That shows you how good the song is! Yay! My very first post. XD