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  1. This was something I had planned to write out for, what feels like a long time but held back for various reasons. Also no means a promotion of anything, just someone wishing to share my personal enjoyment of things. Gaming in general, racing games (because we all love speed right?) and video game music! 8) 

    Game is available here by the way.

    Never really used the forums. Not out of fear so much really, but probably lack of need to. Anyways! :?
    Figured what best place to talk about this, since it involves video game music. Mainly from OCR of course, but other sources as well.

    I was going to do a video pretty much, as a personal promotion of both OCR (and others) music and the game itself. Never really came to fruition because, as I planned that out my USB cable failed on my headset (Logitech G633). Replaced that this month, but as I was waiting I did a bunch of videos in the meantime. So that became a priority to upload, even if it had no real views at all. It just felt like I did something useful, probably shows a lot about myself huh? :sad:

    Besides that anyways. I wanted to post on here, to kinda show off both. I did a couple one-off videos, mostly when I first started out. Found the game sound was a little high, and later changed that for future videos. Top 2 videos are here and here which I had fun doing, just noticed the drifting sound was a bit overpowering. Also I changed my video naming scheme, when I moved onto CEO 2015: Champion. Which shows up after on my channel, because it was unlisted for so long. Mostly holding back until I got things posted and such, but I couldn't help but continue playing. So in the end I organized on a playlist, all the videos as they were to be actually listed.

    I ended up covering Apex 2014 at complete random, when I was looking for music so that became my latest uploads. Super Cartography Bros was released, as I was in the middle of everything. So that was also done but sitting there on my drive, I also noted Undertale for it's great music as well. Which of course I bought the soundtrack, along with many other that fill out my music library. Mostly this became a thing of personal enjoyment, as I have enjoyed OC ReMix so long ago. Just never really posted on much when I was a kid, even when I got older I mostly avoided saying a whole lot.

    Mostly this became a sort-of thank you, to the artists who spend many hours on their music. Who are often unappreciated for all that work, and I wanted to showcase the music in a way I knew was possible. I randomly came across this game, as I was looking for something racing related. Found it was for music and enjoyed myself, just as I spend many hours often listening to game music. If there's any potential questions or likely requests, I'm here to answer since I'd like to share what I can with others who are missing out. 8-)


    P.S. Sorry this was a long post, just it took a lot to actually push myself into posting. It's like walking into a lion's den, and hoping not to get mauled.:-P

  2. Really well done, I couldn't stop listening to it. I had to stop and compare to the original, because that song was so underrated. I'm probably a real sucker for great music, that stands out and speaks to you. Why I'm likely here and not listening to average tunes? Not insulting OCR at all, just the simple things you always hear on the radio. There's more creativity here I find. 8-)

  3. Had this account for a while, and plan on using it sooner or later. So I would like to request a name change.
    Change from what I have to BlueChoco, which I've used in various places. Mostly as I try not to be, that hard to find on various services. 8-)

    I've been meaning to ask for a while, but you can say holidays are a rather busy rush of everything. :-)

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