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  1. This was something I had planned to write out for, what feels like a long time but held back for various reasons. Also no means a promotion of anything, just someone wishing to share my personal enjoyment of things. Gaming in general, racing games (because we all love speed right?) and video game music! Game is available here by the way. Never really used the forums. Not out of fear so much really, but probably lack of need to. Anyways! Figured what best place to talk about this, since it involves video game music. Mainly from OCR of course, but other sources as well. I was
  2. Really well done, I couldn't stop listening to it. I had to stop and compare to the original, because that song was so underrated. I'm probably a real sucker for great music, that stands out and speaks to you. Why I'm likely here and not listening to average tunes? Not insulting OCR at all, just the simple things you always hear on the radio. There's more creativity here I find.
  3. Had this account for a while, and plan on using it sooner or later. So I would like to request a name change. Change from what I have to BlueChoco, which I've used in various places. Mostly as I try not to be, that hard to find on various services. I've been meaning to ask for a while, but you can say holidays are a rather busy rush of everything.
  4. I totally agree, it deserves to be on everyone's playlist. I don't know who wouldn't want such a magnificent piece of remixed music. From the original, it was taken a step further and made into an absolute masterpiece.
  5. Oh god, that is so seriously funny Flik. I havn't been much of a Zelda fan, but that song keeps me laughing so much now. Keep up the excellent remixing. Just an unusual thing, Ganon and Link actually going to the same school? lol, nice touch.
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