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  1. i got banned from unmod.org and i m not happy plz unban plasmaigus or die
  2. I'm ashamed at you Mr. Aversa. You should take more pride in your posts. TAWEFSAGFSAGDSAGTARDSANDWICH IS GOOD FOR U
  3. yah man u gut sum right RAD beats layin down in this track...yeah lay em, lay baby...yeah right there thats the spot...cmon keep er cummin yeah yeah...awww...eeyaah...ahh srry...yeah that saw synth on 1:45 was doptastic dawg it rly left me stunned...nigawha? yeah dats wight. cmon lay them beats out for me. that kawaii neko synth on 5:67 was totally goin trick or treatin at the candy shop if ya know what i mean ...all in all kriptastic.
  4. Hewo, I m wetarded and I plan on spamming and trolling. THNX BYE
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