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  1. Awesome! Just tried out the demo and the audio floored me. I will seed this for a few days after it is finished. There are sooooo few seeds.
  2. Well, having tried these suggestions for a week now, I have to admit, I am really no furthur than I was. Not to say the suggestions were poor, just that, between my inexperience with audio production and not being able to correctly identify the manner in which to recreate that sound, I am still nowhere. If anyone can offer additional insight or information, please do. This is starting to seem impossible.
  3. Having a DSP that could pull that effect off is actually my ultimate goal with this question. I want to be able to have it achieved in close to real time if possible, but the problem has always been trying to find out what they have done to create that effect. It's only ever been used a couple times, so I wondered if that was due to it's complexity.
  4. I can definately hear that they have lowered the pitch on the guy's voice, it creates a nuance with the sound that is very recognizable. But again, it's the other effects that I am trying to identify.
  5. Emulating the sound of the voice actor himself isn't the difficult part. It's more the sound effects that are used to create the sound they have with his voice. Check this video: There seems to maybe be doppler and/or a flange in there. I can't tell.
  6. Excellent. Is there a way to move my post? I don't want to repost in another section and violate any rules.
  7. Is there someplace better that I should post this?
  8. Hey all, I have a question for all of the auido hobbyists here on OCR. Does anyone know how to recreate the effect used on the "Announcer" in Killer Instinct? I believe this effect was used again(outside of the other KI games)in the Xbox Live Arcade game Heavy Weapon. I have scoured the internet for years trying to find this out and it only dawned on me today to bring it up to the awesome folks at OCR. Look forward to responses! Thanks.
  9. You are very correct. It does have a feel of the Mahabharath Highlands remix available here on OCRemix. Epic...cinematic. It feels so very movie OST. I can't hear this sample often enough. I listen to it a couple of times a day. I've contacted the author, but he does not reply, so who knows IF and WHEN we'll ever get to hear this piece in it's entirety.
  10. Robotaki.....!!!!! OMG. This is one of the most phenomenal remixes I have heard thus far. Simply amazing. WITH the drums for sure. What would I have to do, to get a copy of the full length track in it's current state with the drums? 1:04 is simply a teaser. Drop me a line at annex1[at]gmail[dot]com I wait, excitedly for your response.