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  1. I should have posted this reply four or five months ago, but, alas, I had lost the link. I finally found it again and created an account just to say this. Mr. Barker, sir! I've done it! Well, I did it months ago, but I still did it! I taught myself the entire song on my faithful piano. *swells with pride* I now play it by heart! Thank you ten years of piano! I stumbled onto this song accidentally and I hope I do more accidents like this in the future. I just wanted to tell you, Eric Barker, that I successfully taught myself the song thanks to your posted link to the music sheet. Thank you, so much, for posting that link online. Edit I forgot to mention some important things. The sheet music, as far as I know, has many mistakes in it. I listened to the track and played along with it so many times until I got the correct notes. Maybe you should double check the sheet music. Here are the stuff I caught: pg 5: #38, second measure. Left hand's first notes are G and B-flat. *pg 10: #82, second measure. Right hand's notes are as followed: D, G and regular B; A; G, held for "..and two and three-"; D; G; regular B. #84. Right hand: the first C is a sharp. pg 11: #88. Along with Left hands's first notes (D and D) Right hand should play G, C, and G in the same octive as #87's right hand. pg 12: # 94, second measure. Left hand's B flats should be played on the following counts: the first half of the count "one", the second half of counts "two" and "and". If you had included these additions on your own, my bad. I just wanted to let you know that some parts of what you are playing aren't on the sheet music.