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  1. This basically explains everything I'll ever need to know about playing the flute. Please people, no more replies. There is no need to continue this discussion. (just kidding) lol I feel confident now, nineko, thanks. I challange you to a flute duel.
  2. Okay, I understand the trills and alternate fingerings now. I can play a chromatic scale from C to C, but my blowing still... blows. It seems that I can change the pitch of the note by almost a half-step just by blowing differently, but I am not doing it out of my own volition, heh. Also, I cannot control the octave I'm playing. It seems I can get the second octave of the flute pretty easy (exaggeration) but the lower octave comes to my lips and then quickly disappears. Any suggestions? Should my lips be in contact with the mouthpeice, or should they be hovering? This is my biggest problem so far. I can't afford lessons. I'm already taking piano, but I'm going around asking all my friends if they have an old instruments they used to play. So far I got a bitchin flute and trumpet. You'd be surprised how many people have a perfectly good instrument in their closet that they are willing to give away .
  3. My lips are numb. It feels like I've been making out with a vacuum cleaner, but I'm getting a little more proficient at getting the flute to sound. Is anyone here a flute player? I've done a little research online and got some basic fingering charts, but I don't understand the "trill fingering". Basically, I'm confused by all the discrepencies in fingerings that I've seen on different websites. Can anyone explain? Are there any helpful websites out there for beginning flute players?
  4. xbl :grumbles: do any of you use nexbc? I'd really like to have a preplanned match.
  5. damn! windchimes are expensive!!!! looks like I'll have to borrow my neighboor's...
  6. I think DJP was drunk when he posted this becuase of all the grammatical errors, but anyways... This is a groovy remix. I've never played the game, but I think I'll have to look around for this OST if this mix is an indicator of the grooviness of the soundtrack.
  7. I plan on using a little math to get approximate cuts, then fileing it down untill it sounds correct. I'll get around to it this weekend, but I still haven't decided what configuration to use. I think I'm leaning towards the whole tone idea. Of course, I'll have to do more than one there's just too many applications that sound like really good ideas.
  8. Good point, Sil, but wind-chimes are both melodic and harmonic. It's pretty random, so I don't mind in there's a half-step in there. Speaking of pentatonic, I suppose a blues scale would work perfectly since it has exactly 7 tones (including the octave), but then again I think all those half-steps would sound really bad like you said. lol wholetone! I haven't tought of that. That would be a pretty impressionistic windchime. Actually the first thing that came to mind was a diminished scale since it's so different compard to the major scale most windchimes outline, but the intervals are so large I think it would go out of the range I'm limited too. jesus crap, that's another 2 more windchimes I'll have to make to satisfy my curiosity. anyone else fell like giving this a whirl too?
  9. Thanks xenon! I've never been crazy about phrygian's minor second but this config will definately work. Looks like I'm gonna need to buy a few wind-chimes At least I get the employee discount.
  10. I went through the entire store I work at today testing each wind-chime and they were all tuned to C major. BORING! I had my boss ask the company we get them from about "alternately tuned" wind-chimes and they had no idea what we were talking about, so I figured I'd buy one and change the length of the chimes to produce more interesting harmonizations. Minor, Lydian, anything besides the Ionic mode. Here's the problem: The largest number of chimes any of them have is 7, tuned as follows: C D E G A B C Notice that there is no 4th! This makes things a bit tricky. Also, I can only SUBTRACT length from the chimes which means I can only INCREASE the pitch. The smallest chime is already only about 3 inches so the range is limited to only about 1.5 octaves, probably the highest note being an F. Obviously, the lowest root note out of any configuration is C. I'd like to keep the octave interval so the mode is recognizable at least somewhat. I've worked out a few configurations but I know there's a lot of nerdy music geeks on ocr that would love this type of problem (as do I ). I'd make my own windchimes but I can't find any metal pipes that sound pleasing. Looking forward to some feedback, -pakka
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