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  1. "when done right," Of course it's going to be done right! We're talking about DJP! I'm no jazz lover by any means, and this song R4WK5!!!11!1!1 Djpretzel adds another ownage layer.
  2. Disco Dan is my favorite remixer on this sight, I have two of his songs, and I'm soon to go find more, I have yet to get the Triforce Majeure. But this peice is truly changing. I can honestly say, that out of two and a half hours of video game music on my playlist, this song is the greatest one. The second best one is his Hyrule Castle theme. After I finish this post I gotta go post on that thread... Link's Awakening was one of the greatest Zelda games, due to it's increidbly fitting, and superb tracks. This was one of my favorites. My friend introduced this track to me, and I thank him for it. This track could be loved by anybody, Zelda lover or not. It's upbeat feeling makes me want to get up and dance, and it has nearly infinite replay value. Disco Dan is a musical genius, and his remixes prove it. The violin is the perfect volume, and steals the melody perfectly. It elevates itself above all other parts with brilliant dominance and just makes want to MOVE The piano at the beginning and the end blend with the music nicely, as it starts off the slow crescendo. All put together and it creates a beautiful mountainous clash that makes me all giddy. Nice job, I want to talk with Disco Dan himself, does anybody know some of his contact details?
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