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  1. Greetings and pleasant holiday hellos to those who'd have them. I first downloaded the "Blue Reflection" remix on July of this year (2005). Since then, I've proudly kept it as a part of my music library, so to speak. The saxophone at the beginning seemed to reach out and pulled me into the music, which was highlighted by what I considered to be a wonderful piano tune. The lyrics also a very nice edition to the piece as well, and it felt as though Starla sang with true emotion. The music and lyrics together made for an unforgettable remix. While I appreciate and adore this piece as it exists, I have been searching off and on for a while, now, for the "Pure" (instrumental) version of this song. Unfortunately, the only place that I could find that had it (Injury's website) didn't have it anymore, which is a shame because I'd like to hear it as an instrumental as well as a vocal song.