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  1. I wish I were more musically inclined, I'd give a review that'd do the project some justice, but alas, film is more my passion and focus. Therefore, as a hopeful filmmaker who has always wanted to adapt CT into a movie, constantly dreaming of how the themes and music and images will all come together, let me say that this finished product is everything I'd ever hoped it would be and then some. I was afraid I'd be distracted by artistic liberties and synth-that-doesn't-sound-like-orchestra, but thank God, neither happened. I purposely listened without reading the script or looking at track name
  2. I know the thread has swung a bit from "thanks" to "terrabytes," but considering I've been following this project since thread page 20 or so and have contributed nothing, I wanted to voice my appreciation to Claado, Compy, StarZander and everyone working on the project. Sorry I'm a bit late in doing so. CT has been my favorite RPG (one of my fave games period) since I first played it in 97, and I've been waiting for something like this to come along. Of all the game music I've heard and loved, I can't think of any soundtrack I'd rather hear orchestrated than this. My hat's off to you all for
  3. when my grandchild asks me "what was YOUR first post on OCR, grampa?" I'll be able to proudly say "upon the Chrono Symphonic thread." I think that when we tell our kids about this legend of legends, we should still tell them it was released New Year's Eve. Whadda y'all say? CT 10th, right?
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