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  1. I won't say it sounds like shit like you did in your own post but it could use some filling up, the beat is a but dull and it could use some extra hat-lines and chords making the track sounding like just the intro of a good dance track or background music On the other hand, i'm just a pre-beta-beginner amateur so why should i judge
  2. Yes i herd thatone, it turned out not to well, it's the weird modulation in the chord sequence that makes it hard. And the melodic part in the track is not 4/4 but 3/4. But the idea on my track turned out pretty well, as soon as i have it online again i will notify you.
  3. Ah i see. I have to arrange a way to store music without bandwith limitation.. any suggestions? EDIT: Should work again : http://www.drivehq.com/file/DF.aspx/DJ%20MadTrax%20-%20Zelda3%20Intro%20tune%20MQ-MP3.mp3?isGallery=false&share=&shareID=0&fileID=15847522&pay=&sesID=c01bd2zjlztluj45504hkou0&forcedDownload=true
  4. Eeh, okay it's gonna take a bit more time! No seriously thanks for the tips, im quite new to this and still have to figure out a lot of things I can add more lines and drums, but together with the 2 basslines, strings and synthline (with the appreggiator i think it's simply going to be "to full and confusing". maybe removing the appreggiator synthline and adding a subtile one-tone'd synthline will do. Now time for bed to think it over i will keep you up to date on the progress? --------- Latest version : http://www.drivehq.com/file/DF.aspx/DJ%20MadTrax%20-%20Zelda3%20Intro%20tune%20MQ-MP3.mp3?isGallery=false&share=&shareID=0&fileID=15847522&pay=&sesID=ur54g53q2aldtxztl2zv4e55&forcedDownload=true
  5. Okay, thanks all. Tonight it's finetune night and sadly, bitrate-downgrade time. i'll take it back to 128KBPS and make the mix a little longer if my ears hold up This week the final version will be submitted. i'm thinking to remix more zelda tracks, especially zelda64 (ocarina of time) has some nice catchy tunes. Lets see if it is a "Yes" or "No"
  6. Thanks for the reply and the compliment. i guess its worth making a final track out of it, it's such a nice side-project that takes me back to the good old times of playing computer games without any worries and stress The strings are really a pain in the ass, the chords in this tune are really nasy, especially in last section of the main lead tune. I will keep working on it and see if i can those strings right. Thanks again, Paul
  7. Just a tune that i couldn't get out of my head after trying a SNES emulator with zelda Worth making a real production of, or ready for the trashcan? http://www.drivehq.com/file/DF.aspx/Zelda%20Intro%20beta%20-%205.mp3?isGallery=&share=&shareID=0&fileID=15526935&pay=&sesID=vnxljafumjlrs2fwpklebde0&forcedDownload=true
  8. Well to come back to the original meaning of this thread. Hello! i'm 360Degreez, and finally found what i'm looking for right in front of my nose. I'm an amateur musician and since i played the game "Zelda" on the NES i love the tunes used in games that are meant to be catchy, simple an not boring after being looped 20 times. Motivated by OCRemix i've just started on a Dance-remix of the Zelda3 (a link to the past) intro-tune (yes, the one with the rain and thunder) and i can't wait to give you guys a preview just to know what you think of it. Now... let's look where i can upload tracks....... See ya later, Paul (360Degreez) from Holland.
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