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  1. Equin: So they are overburned? Hmm, I thought I saw some CD's that had a 900 meg limit and thought that SOMEHOW they managed to put the sectors even closer together or compact more data into each sector. Of course, how in the world most burning programs can account for that change, I dunno... wat: The version of "To Far Away Times" was actually posted some time ago on ocremix.org. I hope that helps. Good stuff too, probably the best fan-based version I have not only heard of it, but in VGM in general. I still dunno what the problem is with releasing ISO's. Seriously, this is actually the best for everyone. You get the ISO form and can rip it into any format your heart desires. It only requires a little (and I do mean little) work on your part. Everyone wins.
  2. Most ISOs are between 650 to 700 MB if the entire CD is used. There are some CD'sthat can go up to 900 MB, but those are very, very, very rare and I can't think of anyone who has ever released anything using that capacity (possibly because by that point, the data is more prone to becoming corrupt?) So...going with 700 MB iso images... 700 * 3 = 2100 MBs or roughly 2 gigs. Due take into account the crudeness of this equation. Now, this is presuming they use all three CDs to their entirity (SP?). So, you are set. Furthermore, it is NOT that hard to buy a new, 80 gig HDD. When I bought an EXTERNAL HDD back in the States, it was roughly 80 U.S.D. By now, things should be even cheaper, perhaps 60 U.S.D. I know I was able to snag a 40-gig notebook drive (a much smaller, thereby more expensive drive) for about 50 U.S.D. So, even if you are in desperate need for space, you can always go that option. And once you have burnt the album, you can still use that drive for a good couple of years, even using it from one computer to another...
  3. I will say this. Without giving too much lead into things, this album is definitely worth the wait. I won't go into too much more detail because of the big, 16 inch font message on page 116, but it definitely rocks and the team should be very proud of themselves. The Special Edition seems to be a good idea as well, almost a "just before you thought we were done, we aren't"type deal.
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