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  1. okay, i don't care what the rest of you say. this song almost made me cry and then it made my day. i don't know why, but it must be good. mr. north is my hero.
  2. ehh...well it wasn't bad, and i couldn't make something like that...i dunno, it just didn't impress me all that much...maybe because i like the song the way it was originally and i don't think this makes it any better...it definitely didn't live up to djp's review of it...in my opinion, i mean it made it sound like it was going to dazzle me, and it didn't, not that it was bad... (sorry)
  3. wow. just wow. that's all. and thank you. that too.
  4. somebody help me...i have never used torrents before, i'm completely clueless, etc., i admit it all... but please tell me where on earth my files are going when i download them!!! i tried downloading files via torrent (i have the client) but now i can't find them and my computer can't find them either... please help
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