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  1. well i could run ultramix3 and go into edit mode to get the dance steps and copy them into stepmania, but that would take a long time to do cause you got to look at the tv then look at the computer screen. So it would be easier just to run the song through an autogen program. Hey sonicbhoc you should be able to pick up a copy of ultramix3 at you local EB games no prob

    I would, but my xbox keeps scratching up and quite literally destroying my games when I play them. I'd be insane to buy another game for that thing. No way.

    Besides, I already legally own the right to use those songs, so why buy it again?

  2. Well, I take it then that there's no place that has all of the official steps for every song in Ultramix 3... My copy got destroyed by my xbox and I want to play it again, but I can't. So I thought that I could find simfiles for all of them...

  3. I can't run Reniose, it doesn't have a Linux version (but it has a mac version? I hate it when people do that <_<) and ModPlug Tracker is only for Windows.

    However, Milky tracker sounds amazing! Since I love chiptunes, I'm definitely downloading it right now.

    The main reason I want a tracker right now is because my MIDI keyboard is FUBAR'd at the moment and I'm too lazy to use soundfonts and audio plugins in Rosegarden. ;D

  4. Alright, so I installed cheesetracker. I want to try doing MOD until I can get my sound card to stop being retarded with realtime drivers (probably not going to happen, so I'm going to have to wait until I get a new sound card).

    So, I am totally lost with this thing. I get the concept of MOD tracking and how its done, but I don't quite know how to make anything. I don't know how to make instruments, and I don't know how to map those instruments to pitches and selected frames in the song.

    So, does anybody here (I'm sure at least one person can help!) know how to help a newbie get started with this stuff? Google was no help; I'm sure I was just searching the wrong string, but I don't know what I should be searching for...

  5. Pick a Japanese shoot-em-up and play the extra stage. Most impossible bosses ever? Mushihime-sama (PS2, arcade) final boss, Touhou Mystic Square extra stage boss Alice Margatroid, Touhou Embodiment of Scarlet Devil extra stage boss Flandre Scarlet, games like that.

  6. Well, would someone mind setting the GAP and BPM for a song for me, please? Just one song that I can't seem to get. I'll wait for a yes or no before I stick the song in a file.

    I'd do it for you, but you'll have to wait a while after getting it to me, I'm kinda busy with school right now.

  7. What's the easiest way to determine a GAP setting on a song? It seems like every time I set the GAP on a song I'm trying to step out, it starts out perfect, then the program's GAP setting either is too slow or too fast, and sometimes it alternates between too slow/too fast on the same song. What do I do?

    That means that your gap is perfect but your BPM is off.

  8. School is kicking my ass and my mix isn't exactly noteworthy. Or done, for that matter. In fact, I seem to have hit yet another remixer's block or something, and I haven't worked on it for ages.

    Eh... The more I think about it, just giving up sounds more appealing, but I hate doing that :?

  9. Well, I don't mind Rosegarden so much, but I'm pretty much using it strictly for notation/midi. Kinda reminds me a lot of the old Cakewalk Homestudio 9. I'm liking the notation/scoring interface a lot better than when I was using Finale. I'm porting the midi over to XP and working in FL Studio, though. :P

    Haven't tried Ardour yet, since I'm nowhere near ready to start doing audio recording yet. Sweep looks interesting though.

    Wired is another up and coming program that looks like it might be a step in the right direction. Looks like it sports some kinda browser at least.

    But I do agree, the interfaces are a little klunky.

    A little, yes, but not NEARLY as as bad as they could be.

    LMMS, for example, is very confusing the first time you use it but it makes sense after a while.

    Also, a word of warning: not all Linux audio programs work perfectly under x86_64 yet...

  10. I'm trying really hard on this, even with things getting in my way. But I don't know if it'll be up to what you want because it is my first mix and all... Of course, I'm not going to give up on it, because even if I get rejected hopefully someone can tell me how to make my mixes better.

    EDIT: Gah... this song has sooooo many notes in it. I can't even keep up with the original song well enough to figure out which note is which. I might pick a different song at this rate...

    EDIT 0.0.2: Changing song. I can't do this one, not by ear anyway. A little too fast for me. I'll remix one of these songs, definitely, because I know (and like) them better:

    Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~ Lunatic Princess

    Gensokyo Millenium ~ History of the Moon

    Both from the same game as the other song (Touhou 8: Imperishable Night) but much easier to remix because the songs don't become impossible to follow 10 seconds after they start. :P

    I'll probably do Lunatic Princess because I think it sounds better on a plain old piano sound.

  11. yes, I'm some new guy come from nowhere. I've been here before, but not at the forums. So, how does it all work?

    It's not as simple as "how does it work." It's not like pushing a button or something...

    First, the remixer must envision his or her remix, what style it's going to be, whether it retains the original key signature, what instruments and synths to use, and plan the remix.

    Next, the remixer must get what he or she needs. For instance, a synthesizer.

    If you're asking how a synthesizer works, well, you need a MIDI to USB adapter that will communicate data between your computer and your keyboard, and then you use MIDI notation software to write a song using your keyboard's synths, and play it back on the keyboard. When you're done, you can record the sound that comes from the keyboard using your computer's Mic jack or with more advanced recording hardware. That's if you just have a basic keyboard, though. If you want some really advanced things like multiple synths and mixing boards and stuff, I can't help you that much. I'm still a newbie myself... Which reminds me, I have to work on my song. It's been a while...

  12. I don't mean the OS stuff. Beryl is amazing. I mean most of the free software you get. I for one think Rosegarden LOOKS terrible, and Ardour is just painful to see.

    Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Oh, and both of those programs depend on what style you're using or GTK+ theme you've got. With the right styles and themes the programs look pretty good in my opinion.

  13. I love XP, Ubuntu AND OSX!

    zomg! it's unpossible! ;-)

    Anyway, I need to do more experimenting with chords and stuff. My keyboard parts are sounding kinda bland. Which is bad when all you've got right now is a keyboard part... :P

    I also need to see if I've got a reasonable string synth on this thing, or something that sounds a little mellow at least.

  14. I play it whenever I can, as it is my only form of exercise. I lost 30 pounds. :-P

    I have a hand-soldered Xbox USB Dance Pad... Not only that, but I also sparked a movement to fix the xpad driver in the Linux kernel to get my pad supported. I didn't exactly do anything but call attention to the fact that the driver was OOOOLD but since then lots of DDR-related development was done to the driver.

    I'm also trying to make more stuff for StepMania but I spend too much time playing the game mostly. :wink:

  15. The following apps are great (well, from what I've used):

    Rosegarden CVS version (bleeding edge lol)

    LMMS 0.2.1: Mix fruityloops and cubase and that's what you get...

    Hydrogen: Make sure you get the extra drumkits package if your repositories have it. Great program, it's a drum machine.

    ardour2: a DAW. Haven't used it much though.

    Audacity: waveform editor. One of the best free ones out there.

    Rezound: try it if you don't like Audacity. I don't know which one I like more but I'm leaning toward Rezound.

    and, of course:

    multimedia-kernels (or anything that says low-latency on it)

    qjackctl: make sure you don't get any xruns and you'll be set.

    EDIT: Oh, and I didn't read the first post clearly. You asked for a good linux flavor. Well... Gentoo Linux. And I'm not saying that because I'm a ricer. I'm definitely not a ricer. I'm training to be a code monkey, but not a ricer. :P

    I say Gentoo because it gives you more control over your system then most other distros. But it has a HUGE learning curve. If you aren't interested in a huge learning curve and compiling source code for almost every program you install, try xubuntu because it is a little more light than regular ubuntu. However, Gentoo has a ridiculous amount of packages and never gets into dependency issues; even though portage (the package manager) is quite slow sometimes, it gets the job done VERY well. Also, if you like configuring your own kernel, gentoo makes that easy tool And it has an overlay called "pro-audio" that has hundreds of packages for audio development (like lmms and the realtime kernel sources) and things like that. To get it , emerge subversion and then emerge layman, and then add the pro-audio overlay in layman. (layman -a pro-audio).

    Another thing I like about Gentoo is that it's a learning experience. You'll definitely learn a lot about Linux by using it. And the Gentoo Linux forums are a great help, and will try to answer your questions.

  16. Just compose whatever you want, Justus. I'm sure we'll love it (if it gets through the judges, that is...)

    Yeah! I don't know what an MS-2000 is but it sounds cool...

    I'll go look it up on wikipedia.

    Found it, and I was right, it does look cool.

    Oh, and Justus, you can configure your computer to notify you of Private Messages by going to control panel, clicking "Edit Options" and scrolling down to the Private Messaging section.

  17. Thanks for the response! I might actually try that on my test computer.

    No clue what a DAW is (nevermind: Digital Audio Workstation), so looks like I'm going to have to do a little more research although I think I saw one on www.linux-sound.org called ardour... I heard from a very reliable source that it's not up to what professionals use... but then again I'm not a professional (and I still have no money to spend on software). :P

    I still haven't looked through all the programs on that website yet...

    Cheesetracker is in portage, so I'm installing that and ardour now.

    I found this overlay for Gentoo called pro-audio. They got some nice stuff in there... like a midi-humanizer for alsa that I could never get working with my realtime kernel on my test box.

  18. Hey, for my birthday I got this sweet new laptop. Not going to elaborate - I don't want to sound like I'm bragging.

    Like everything else I get, it was a gift. I unfortunately have no money. I do still have that Casio laying around and I want to get working with it again (we had it moved away from my computer to make space for guests for my birthday party and I got too lazy to move it back).

    I also didn't have the money to afford Windows (then again, I didn't want to afford it anyway) so I put Gentoo Linux on this thing and, a little off topic, fast is an understatement. things that took about 3 hours to install on my old computer were done in 15-20 minutes on this thing. Also, power management works! Although I got lazy and never got sleeping and hibernating working.

    Back on topic, though. I know I'll probably need a low-latency kernel, a separate user to not mess with the configs of my main user and keep as clean and lean an install as I can, and a lean, light desktop environment (or even just a window manager). All the eye-candy has to go unfortunately... no more wobbly windows T_T

    Aside from all that, what I want to know is: with the following software and hardware (and, of course, some training), will I be able to make something at least marginally good?

    I plan on using the Casio WK-3500 until I can get a better synth. I like it because it has some great piano sounds and piano, drums, violins and guitars are my 4 favorite types of instruments. 2 out of 4 ain't bad.

    I have a drum machine software called "hydrogen" that I'm learning to use. I like it so far... it can emulate LOTS of different drum machines. TR-808 is awesome!

    For a MIDI sequencer, the SVN version of Rosegarden. Supposedly SVN stuff is less stable but has more features. I haven't had it crash on me yet... although a few bugs have cropped up, I haven't seen anything major go down.

    And then there's LMMS. It's like taking Cubase and LMMS and mashing them together. A great program if I might say so. It's similar to MODs (if I am understanding how MODs work properly) in that it doesn't use instruments, but sound files that it changes the pitch of.

    I'm thinking of getting a MOD tracker, now that I say it. I've always wanted to try it but never figured what they were good for or what it has over MIDI, or how to use a MOD tracker (although I have played some music with one or two). I've heard some great MOD tracks and great chiptunes made in MOD software that got me thinking about it.

    Never having used anything really pro, I don't know anything about the kind of development experts do or how these programs stack up or anything. Heck, I've never seen the Pro Tools interface once and only used Cakewalk at my school, and had a demo of FruityLoops on my Dad's computer that I fooled around with for about 30 minutes.

    Actually, I haven't used any Windows programs in three or four months aside from the occasional game of Touhou on my dad's computer that usually gets cut short by my brother butting in and monopolizing the computer to go on Gamespot or something.

    Totally off-topic: gkrellm is the most awesome program in the history of Linux.

    Another thing: I can't afford a mac at all. Not going to happen. I can't even afford Windows, why would I be able to suddenly buy a Mac? Although it would be sweet to get one...

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