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  1. I'd love to remix one of the EX boss themes off of a Touhou game, preferably Fujiwara no Mokou from Imperishable night. But I don't know if I can keep the commitment if I say I can... No free time with my homework and stuff getting in the way. Add to the fact that I'm lazy AND slow and... well...

    I'd like to. If I'm 100% sure I can I'd do it.

  2. Ah, good old Gentoo ricer talk :).

    you bet. I even added -omg-optimized at the end of my kernel version. :nicework:

    I also have 2 kernels, a realtime kernel and a regular one. Why? Because I got bored one day and decided to compile a realtime kernel. :P

    But the real reason I like to use Gentoo is the fact that I can micromanage every part of my system. I still haven't found a good binary distro that I can do that with.

    Gentoo doesn't move much faster than a binary distro, but with limited hard drive space it makes it easy to get rid of extra dependencies that I don't need... like ldap or portaudio or half of Gnome... with the use flag system.

    Gentoo is a great learning experience, and the main reason I use it is to learn different ways to break and fix my system to see what works better.

    I also like portage. No dependency problems. I just wish it was faster though.

    My main problem with it is that compile times suck on this computer. Ugh. <_<

  3. You want to get Vista for audio production? Good luck with that. I've only heard nothing but horror stories about Vista and audio/video. I'm not dumb enough to actually buy it; not while running hardware this old anyway (lol pentium 3 128mb ram 32mb video ram), and I haven't the money to upgrade. In fact, I have no money at all and I'm lucky to even have my Midiman, which I had to beg my parents to let me buy with my own money, mind you. <_<

  4. you're screwed.

    EDIT: Do you already have Windows installed? Because if you do, you could just use PCLinuxOS to repartition the drive instead of a Windows disk. Although using Linux to get rid of Linux is probably some form of heresy or something. ;P

  5. Ubuntu sucks. Even if you switch back to Windows I recommend that you try a pclinuxos liveCD after you do. It's got beryl and support for almost every media format out-of-the-box and I run it on all of my computers... aside from this one, which runs Gentoo Linux because I like having full control over every single piece of my computer and tailoring it to sqeeze out the most performance for the least hard drive consumption.

    Oh yeah, realtime kernels are great for audio production, even this cruddy computer doesn't get xruns and skips in the audio with one.

  6. OK, then it's just as I thought. I knew which cables I'll need (there are in/out cables that remsemble what's on my dad's turntable system and huge-size headphone jacks, either of which I could use, and something to make it hook up to a plain old microphone/in port on my crappy integrated intel card. I hate this thing <_<)

    Another thing - my computer is full of 6-year-old goodness, including a pentium 3 processor and a floppy drive. So, with hardware this old, what are the ways my music can get castrated when I play the song to the keyboard and have it plug back into my computer through the sound port?

    Oh, and I already have audacity, thank goodness. I do a lot of StepMania stuff (speaking of which, I should probably get back to work on that) so a waveform editor is priceless for getting gaps and, if I feel like it, calculating BPMs.

    My dad is a SuperDJ®, so I should be able to find wires easy. Unless he doesn't have the wires, but then my friend Arjun, who is also a SuperDJ® probably does.

  7. Well... I have a midiman usb 1x1 uno hooking up to my casio wk-3500 keyboard. I made a little tune that is nowhere near complete but I wanted to share it to ask what people thought so far... but then I realized I needed to make it an MP3. I also noticed that the sound doesn't play through my sound card at all, but instead through the keyboard, which, obvioiusly, doesn't have a "make MP3" button on it anywhere. So, how would I put music from my keyboard to MP3?

    My guess is that I have to use the two out ports on the back and hook them to something... I don't think I have the right connectors for it though. :whatevaa:

    I suppose now would be a good time to say all I have as far as sound cards go is a crappy integrated Intel8x0 card in my motherboard. I was able to deal with the MIDI latency problems one would most likely have with such a crappy card, but now I think the only way to go from MIDI to MP3 would be to pick my entire "studio" up and bring it to school (not going to happen <_<) so that my music teacher can record it. Or bring my MIDI file to the school's lab and record it... but their synths suck. :cry:

    Crap. I named the thread wrong (stupid daylight savings time... giving me less sleep...) and I can't change it. Great. <_<

  8. Let me jump on the bandwagon too...

    Currently working on:

    Capital City of Flowers in the Sky from the game Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom - Mostly piano, contemplating piano synths only

    Going to do:

    a song from a Klonoa game, considering Song of Hero from Klonoa Heroes. No clue on what style it'll be in...

    Septette for a Dead Princess from the game Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - Drawing inspiration from Bukki'sTango OC Remix. I want it to be in a similar style but not plagiarizing. If I feel that it is, I'll probably just delete it and start over.

    Lunatic Princess from the game Touohu 8: imperishable Night. Slow, driving piano with a bass synth and piano combo for the baseline and mellow drums in the back.

    All of my stuff will be done with Rosegarden and my Casio WK-3500 in Gentoo Linux running a realtime kernel. I'm too poor to afford anything else and too lazy to find VSTs, much less get VSTs working, so I'm doing with what I've got. I don't think I'll be approved by the judges but I'm doing it for fun and because I really have nothing better to do, excluding church, robotics and tech support. Besides, I need something other than a crappy desktop screencap to put on my deviantart page. :P

  9. I figured it was using MSB because I fooled around in Rosegarden, my sequencer of choice, for a few hours seeing which values affect what. I think I've got it under control now, actually. Thanks!

    But that manual probably has full names for the instruments while all I've got is abbreviations (I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet and I lost my hard copy).

    Rosegarden has this one neat thing where it does "variation" based on either the MSB or LSB number. So I set all my LSBs to 0 and all my MSBs to the proper numbers, and let rosegarden set up "Variation by MSB". Now I select Grand Piano in the instrument list and chose an instrument out of the variations box and my keyboard switches to the selected instrument. It really helps when you are looking for a specific instrument sound, like a keyboard. So select grand piano off of the instrument list and it will list you all the grand piano variations on the keyboard. It's awesome!

    And I told this stupid thing to email me when I get replies to the threads I post in, and I still haven't gotten one. I wonder if it's getting junk filterowned?

    By the way, I've started on a remix. Capital City of Flowers in the Sky from Perfect Cherry Blossom's 4th stage. I like the way the piano on this keyboard sounds! With a little reverb it sounds pretty awesome!

    Thanks for the help, Justus.

  10. Not really a newbie, per se, but I've been gone for a LOOOONG time. I've decided to come back because... well I followed Justus here. :P

    I want to be a remixer, but I am at a disadvantage due to the fact that audio development in Linux is still kinda shaky. Of course, I won't let a little turbulence scare me off of this flight. ;)

    Oh yeah, and I'm poor, so if I wanted Windows (which I DON'T want) or a Mac (which I could totally live with), I couldn't get them anyway. I'm lucky I have a midiman usb uno and VERY lucky that my parents bought this keyboard for me.

    I'm making my first remix right now using my Casio WK-3500 and Rosegarden, which is the best MIDI sequencer for Linux as far as I can tell. It doesn't sound half bad if I say so myself... but all I have is a 19 second piano part that isn't even half done yet. But on the up side, I learned my way around Rosegarden and how to mess with stuff like reverb and chorus. I would try to get some of the more advanced effects on this keyboard working, but I don't know how and I probably won't need them anyhow. At least, not yet. I wish I had a bank list and controller list for this keyboard but I can't find one on the Internet, which should be a vast store of knowledge. <_<

    I don't expect my first remix to be anything spectacular, but I'd like to get some feedback and learn from the experience.

  11. Eh. I knew as soon as I saw the PS3, the stress on graphics and the 600 dollars, it would be a feast for the eyes but the gameplay would leave much to be desired.

    After playing Sonic the Hedgehog, my suspicions were confirmed. It's really unfortunate...

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