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  1. 5 hours to the deadline and there are no entries? Is anyone working on this? In other news, how in the world can you get remixer's block? There are infinite possibilities with music.
  2. Hey Bundeslang, I sent you a PM with my selected source on ThaSauce back on Friday. Did you not receive it? Well, I suppose the good news is that I can enter this one if I so desire. How did you want me to contact you in the future?
  3. Thanks! That is very exciting! My desired username is TheoConfidor. I will be working on Hazy Maze Cave. I'm am very happy to be part of this project!
  4. Fishy, did you get my PM and listen to my audition pieces?
  5. I would like to audition and do a remix of Hazy Maze. I am unable to register on your forums... what should I do? If I am accepted, I will have a 90% done WIP (or finished track) by the end of the month.
  6. Nevermind, I am not going to be able to make anything.
  7. Since there are no entries yet, could we extend the deadline by one day? I'd throw something together if I had a little more time.
  8. Congratulations everyone! That was definitely not the way I meant it. I was actually dissing my own piece, since I don't consider it a serious remix. It's not horrible, but I would hate to have my first posting on R:TS be such a low-production quality, light-arrangement piece. It was just meant to be fun.
  9. So, I felt like finishing up my entry and submitting it. Now we have three entries!
  10. Dang! Even though I like CT, This is a source tune I don't like very much... We'll have to see if creativity magically appears in my brain..
  11. Dang! The voting is already closed? The deadline crept up on me really fast. Nice job everyone!
  12. Are we ever going to get the prize T-shirts from last year's anniversary competition? I don't know about the other two, but I never got mine...
  13. Is it really that bad? (I haven't kept up on them lately, since I've been so busy with life)
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