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  1. The first video game I ever bought with my own pocket money was the Game Boy version of Dr. Mario. I had already gotten the system the Christmas before and seeing all the games on display in a brochure in the box, I felt keen to get whatever games really drew my attention to it. It was a wise choice too - the entire family ended up competing as to who would get good and beat level 20 at the Hi speed setting first!
  2. One of my regular listeners to SEGA Mixer Drive spotted this error on the VROOM Wiki page last week - no mention of Last Wave as a main source, and as a result Magical Sound Shower got listed twice. I believe I tried to ping about it in the Discord, but I'm not quite too sure if the message got through. Just a heads up D:
  3. I'm heading out there this year - first time in the States! If you need another synther / fledgling drummer for the Friday Jamspace set, consider me game x)
  4. Yeah, names on my arranges are usually the last thing that I come up with. It’s a play on words - the original Japanese title of the source translates back to English as “Sky-Blue Summer”, so with Randi and his party “assuring” ther cause for the Mana Seeds, that can only open doors for something punny.
  5. You guys seemed happy being able to get challenged to do more complex pieces, while I was just content with following instructions and doing my best. Problem is, this is my third year of being in my University's Musical Theater group that I'm recounting here. I had a great year with my first year's Musical Directors; the second year had staff casting the wrong roles to the wrong people, but the third was just really painful - their ways of dance choreography was terribly amateurish, sheet music printed for vocal parts had many parts that were off-key for very familiar songs, and unlike the first two years their fumbling meant they never had an Autumn / Winter semester recital. I was that upset with it all that I quit after January and put all of my focus into equal parts exam prep and equal parts getting started on Youtube...! Alas, what I wish my director would've done differently? From what I wrote, it would be to get to know your students' strengths and what they like doing the most; make sure you have music on hand that is not only accurate but fun for most of them to play; and if you are to get them to perform at recitals, it's best to keep to promises and give them something to look forward to. If you've got students being happy with what you're doing, then you know you're doing the right job
  6. Going to post in a couple of nice pieces that I worked on over the past two weeks! I received my first art commission not too long ago and they asked for a flat-shaded chibi of Mei from Overwatch! She was very fun to draw and very handy to bring her detailed costume into a much smaller and compact form. And as part of an an-going collaboration illustrating female Fire Emblem series characters, this is one I worked on for Calill from the GameCube title Path of Radiance. I filled in for an artist that didn't make it but I ended up putting her in a position that would highlight her stuck-up nature. Thanks for visiting! I would've made the links show up as embedded images, but I don't know what I'd need to do to make them smaller in the browser o_O
  7. I think a thread like this is long overdue considering how much I've gotten back towards Deviantart for a bit, but it's here: Before OC Remix, I did a lot of art and written work there, though 'art' was much loosely defined as I was one that just wanted to do their best with the mere traditional mediums I got stuck with. Now that technology has moved on significantly, I've found myself drawing digitally more often and learning as many tricks as I can to see how I could keep refining my skill set! I focus a lot on character drawing, with my primary focus being to pay more attention to overall pose work over detail. Here's a quick summary of the best artwork I did in 2016. You can see that a lot of my proudest submissions, oddly enough, tend to be of the Nintendo variety thanks to art projects I have been a part of - but I am always itching to go back towards the games that I loved at one point and seeing what I can do with them. I'm also looking to do artwork commissions as well! Prices go as cheap as $5 for a chibi or half-body sketch of a single character of your choice, or as high as $64 for a fully shaded picture with a background and 3 characters; prices depend on the type you'd like to see. Otherwise, alongside working on music, I'm always interested to see where the stylus would take my next. Have fun visiting!
  8. I can definitely assure you there'll be something here tomorrow! My gear is still not quite at the same setup as it was before, but it's workable and I'm having too much fun looking into some of the VSTs I had obtained but since not even used yet o_O
  9. A quick history on the show: Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway is a variety show that airs on ITV in the UK during the late Winter / early Spring. The TV duo (Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnely) are one of the most iconic double acts of the past 20 years in this country, having grown as entertainers that worked efficiently as a duo. A quick history on the game: Sly 2: Band of Thieves is a stealth / platforming videogame released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004, and the second game in the Sly Cooper videogame series. A lot of musical motifs in the second game, as composed by Peter McConnell (whom most guys that frequent here would recognize his work in Psychonauts and Grim Fandango among other Lucasarts titles), would go on to be recurring themes in the game's following sequels. The Paris theme in particular ended up shaping motifs for what would eventually become the main theme for the Sly series as a whole. What appears to be a re-recording of a fragment for the Paris theme can be heard as backing music during The Missing Crown Jewels, the new recurring mini-drama within the current season of Saturday Night Takeaway. The time-stamp for the musical fragment goes from 2:13-3:02. When I heard it when watching tonight's show live, my mind suddenly got blown and I had to type my baffled thoughts on Twitter within seconds. Now here comes the next interesting thoughts regarding all this - did someone at the show's production team at ITV or Mitre TV think they could acknowledge videogame music in such a way and highlight the score to a mainstream viewing audience? Could it be a case of just putting in the music without giving any form of loyalties? Or was there something else that might've been behind the scenes? Either way, I've heard videogame music being brought in through TV before but ITV was the last channel I was expecting to try and pull this off. Thoughts, assuming people outside the UK can actually see the first video link?
  10. Oh myyyyy! @Wiesty, your physical component came in the mail! What a colorful Aku Aku polyester shirt! This is something I'd definitely flaunt during the Summer; thank you soooo much!
  11. Awesome, I saw the image and I am glad Tom Servo got there in one piece as well! Have a wonderful rest of the holidays x)
  12. Posting this in here because it's a project I had gotten involved with. Some of you guys may be familiar with Game-Art HQ via the Dwelling of Duels, which members of that site contributed banner art for some of their duels within the past few years. Outside of the DoD, the art they have on display pays homage to different types of videogames past and present, with past projects previously being featured on Kotaku and Destructoid. This year, the site members chimed in on a big celebration for Pokémon's 20th Anniversary, illustrating the original 151 (152?) in over 300 drawings (including 8 from myself), illustrating some of the moves and abilities they would be able to pull off. Whether done serious, silly, conventional, unconventional or in even unusual styles, it felt so much like the Pokémon community has had loads of people crossing its paths and it clearly shows. The site is aiming to do Generation 2 next year, so who knows how far it would go after that! Nevertheless, do check out the link!
  13. Oh my! Looks like over the past hour I suddenly got a Steam overhaul! I have received: - Tales of Monkey Island complete edition - Bit Trip Void - Lego Harry Potter (both instalments) - The original Five Nights at Freddys - Crypt of the Necrodancer (YES, top of my wishlist!) - and Undertale! Yikes... @Wiesty, you have one heck of a Steam wallet! Don't worry about the package that's in the post (damn you, Royal Mail!!) - I'll be ready for that when it arrives. Other than that, thank you soooooo much!
  14. And according to the mail trackers, my Secret Santa gift is at their house! I'm so relieved it made it in time