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  1. You’re right. There’s only six of us including myself, which will make things pretty difficult, ngl. While I really don’t want to delay matching up due to Black Friday sales starting early, it seems that’ll be necessary due to the turnout we have so far. I’ll check the responses again on Monday and see what it’s like then; if still no change, I’ll hold off from matchups until Thanksgiving itself.
  2. Hey there! I don't think Jace has actually made any submissions to OC Remix itself, and even then, whatever he's made for enjoyment rather than a project usually is on his own personal web space and social media. But you aren't wrong about his storage getting pulled as of late. I'm afraid I can't help you with Robotic Photosynthesis as that's one I didn't know was out there, but I do have IDOLAtek on my person at least. He hosted that on his Soundcloud back in 2013, and considering he does a lot more beat making now, I can emphasize with why he wanted to retool himself. Good l
  3. I'm co-signing with Brad regarding the arrangement as a whole - sloppy timing at the beginning and tonality in the final minute, as pointed out. Still, the driving force plowed on with theme runs under various rhythm guitar patterns, which is impressive for surf rock. The solo spot at 1:36 felt tight and worked some synergy with the backing, especially with the transition out into the third repetition. Yet, I'm afraid I have to disagree with Brad on the "cookie-cutter drums." On closer listen, there's plenty of variety in where the snare's ghost notes are and what cymbal got used alongside
  4. You made a fun dance-pop arrangement, with some appropriate blippy synths and the usual quality guitar recording I've expected from you through your Pixel Mixers contributions. The synths also had some careful attention to subtle tone shaping and volume, which helped them feel less vanilla overall. However, I'm co-signing with Joel regarding the narrow panning and the muddy mixing. For the panning, the bells at the beginning had some fun stereo effects, but hardly anything else felt like it was getting pushed to another side. Consider putting your written parts over at least two layers and
  5. Contact Information Remixer Username: Audio Mocha Real Name: Daniel Florez User ID: 33297 Name of games arranged:Final Fantasy 3 Name of arrangement: Surfing Fantasy 2 Name of individual songs: Opening Theme Source material: Comments: Back in 2014 before Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call came out, Square Enix was holding a contest called the Legacy of Music campaign. Me being a huge fan of the original Theatrhythm and having been curious about creating game covers, I instantly started working on a submission for the conte
  6. This track has a fun progression for being this Basshunter-inspired waltz dance thing. You've got the opening build, the breaks, and the theme making an entrance at the climax, which is pretty much what I expect for the genre. However, it fell in a crucial pitfall in source use not being dominant - so much so that it doesn't make its first appearance until 1:37, and that's only the chords for the second half of the A section. Here's what I found in terms of source: 1:37-1:51 - Chords for the second half of the A section at half-speed. 2:12-2:32 - Starts with the second hal
  7. Frankly, I wasn't too impressed with the first minute - it sounded more like a sound upgrade of the source itself. But as the pads and drum writing kicked up during the B section, that got me more than set to see everything else in play. You got the high-passed Azalea Town cameo at 1:00, the second variation with the smooth vocals and rad guitar solo, the build at 2:04 leading into the Pokémon theme shoutout, and the segue into Azalea going on top of the B section at 2:52 to close things out. I admit I didn't hear the National Park BGM, as you mentioned in your email, but that doesn't matt
  8. Hey, this a fun performance! Performances are mostly on point, every instrument has its own defined space in the mix, and the balance is precise. Your lead guitar's flanger effect is very subtle and helps contribute to expression, so I didn't feel it needed more presence than what it got. I do have two little concerns for the presentation. Firstly, the countermelodies at 1:20-1:30 are looser than the rest of the mix, so a re-take can refine it if editing the raw audio can't. And secondly, the tail end of the track got cut before it can fully fade out - so watch out for those with future r
  9. ReMixer name: Garrett Thompson Name of game arranged: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Name of arrangement: Variations on Skyloft Name of individual song arranged: Skyloft Additional game information: Composer: Shiho Fujii Link to the original soundtrack: Additional commentary: I made this because I got the A-section of Skyloft stuck in my head for three days straight and needed to exorcise that demon. The arrangement I made to do this then sat around on my hard drive for about six months collecting virtual dust. I rediscovered it re
  10. Hi OCRemix Team; We're a video game cover band from Barcelona (Spain). After 5 years of live performances across the country we recently have released our first studio album with some of the tracks we used to play live. We would like to submit one of those tracks to your site, so we're sending to you the file (attached) and the required information below. Kind Regards The Belmont's Revenge Team. Submission Information Name of game(s) arranged Punch-Out!! Name of arrangement
  11. This arrangement has an okay structure - using melodies and chord modulations from the source but cutting some sections short or out altogether to fit this more acoustic-like direction. I also appreciate how you did those last-minute key changes at the end - an idea inspired by the last 20 seconds of the source. Instead of one modulation, you went into two different minor scales (F and B flat) one after the other - a robust approach. Though, aside from the quiet countermelody in the background, your assigned instrumentation doesn't deviate far from the original's foundations. See if you ca
  12. Great source pick! Believe it or not, I've put more hours into Tekken 2 than any Street Fighter game - so I can relate with your blurb, Jani. It made a lot of sense for you to adapt the source into a cyberpunk feel like this. The progression goes through one loop with some developed segments, each with some unique textures and shaping. I sensed it with the arp's application on the bookends in shaping suitable for the genre; the original's polysynth adapted to the half-time breakdown at 0:52; the mid-section piano brought to the mellow plucks at 1:08 with some chord transformations; pl
  13. Ooh, this is a great twist! You changed the time signature from 4/4 to 6/8, allowed the C section to get built on chords (1:04, 3:18), and allowed the other components to drive the rest of the melodic progression forward. Using the first half of the C section like this does sound more farfetched at first, but the full melody addition later on in the first use (1:33) both works with and justifies the applied technique. Admittedly, the comping in the third minute does meander away from the source's foundations, but the dominance elsewhere doesn't make it too hindering. The presentation w
  14. Contact information ReMixer name: Devastus Real name: Jani Syrjänen User ID: 24166 Submission information Name of game arranged: Tekken 2 Name of arrangement: HEADHUNTER Name of individual song arranged: Black Winter Night Sky Link to original: Comments: In the year 2077, the umpteenth King of Iron Fist Tournament begins with a bang, as the Mishima Corps' head figures are attacked by an unknown, ironclad assailant. This song is a huge nostalgia trip, I played the hell out of Tekken 2 and 3 as a kid and really liked this intro. A friend of min
  15. Hello! i'd like to submit a song to you guys. ReMixer name : Tikaal Real name : Corentin Rahil Email address : Website (youtube) : https://www.youtube.com/user/ike6252/featured?view_as=subscriber Userid : 36843 Name of game arranged : Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Name of arrangement : Past meets Present Name of individual song arranged : Ecruteak/Cianwood city theme Additional information : Pokemon Gold and Silver were first released on the 21st of november 1999 for the GameBoy Ecruteak/Ci
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