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  1. Very difficult question. I will not answer with Bundeslang. So many different styles and genres. Favorite is also a very hard term, I fill this in as personal like the most (and genre helps with this). Still (to mention one name) I go for one of the names in the beginning of the contest: Sir Nuts. Perhaps we can do a contest/round one day (maybe a yearly free round or something like that), who knows...
  2. Did a quick mix from the source selected by Colorado Streets. Perhaps anyone else can do a remix as well. Bundeslang - The Afternoon Song (Kingdom Hearts 3).mp3
  3. Hall Of Fame: PRC Winners: 472 Editions TheVideoGamer (30 wins) OneUp (24 wins) PlanarianHugger, Rexy, S|r Nuts (17 wins) Hoboka (15 wins) Evktalo, Sggod89, The Orichalcon (11 wins) Showroom Dummy, Supercoolmike (10 wins) Bundeslang, Esperado (9 wins) Bladiator, DJ Mokram, Hylian Lemon, WassupThunder (8 wins) Dex, Gercr, Ichitootah, Souperion, Trism (7 wins) Chickenwarlord, , V___ (6 wins) APZX, FreakyT, GCJ, Hleet, NinjaPenguinDan, Setokaibracket (Hartbeat Acolyte) (5 wins) Alex Smith, Binweasel, Chalis, Emperor, Just64helpin, Nutritious, Opk, RoeTaKa (4 wins) Analoq, ArseAssassin, AxLR, Beckett007, Blak Omen, Cash, Dewey Newt, DrumJ8, Hemophiliac, JerryTerry, Jorito, Prophecy, TheoConfidor, Xsquader, Yami (3 wins) Amphibious, Andy Jayne, Chavous, DJ Siamey, Dudley Ghost, DZ Composer, DzejPi, Flurry of Flames, HarlemHeat360, Jeremy Robson, JH Sounds, Joystick, Kat, Less Ashamed of Selfs, Marcusg, MindWanderer, Mythril Nazgul, NintenJoe64, Starphoenix, Studionimbus.org, SubNormal J3, Theory of Nonexistence, TheVodouQueen, Thu, Toilet Goat, Txai, YorkshireLakeside, Zerothemaster (2 wins) 0x25ec, Alfredofreak, Aluminum, Ambient, Anachromium, Anorax, Another Soundscap, Arcana, Aurelien Castel, Blakeingram, Blueenvy, Coloradoweeks Darkbrandflake11, DarkeSword, DimWiddy, Ding888Ding, Diotrans, Divinewrath, Dragonlord, Elsalluz, FiremanJoe, Flexstyle, Fxsnowy, Gario, Garpocalypse, General Slicer, Ghetto Lee Lewis, GrapplingHook, Grauw, Hetcenus, Hexen, Hollow, Inrade, Ivan Hakstock, JoxaDaii, Kapden, Kholdstare, Klevarkoopa, Lidawg, Majeliss, Mark Sparling, Moseph, MushroomSword, n0mad, Nasenmann, Necrox, NormallyRetro, Obtuse, Ophanin, OverCoat, Overkillius, Popoi, PriZm, Sadorf, Scott Peeples, Shido, Strike911, Tensei-San, Thomas Neil, Trenthian, Unknown Pseudoartist, Villainelle, YoshiBlade, Zackparrish, Zorrakh (1 win)
  4. For the last time, it's results time Hopefully everything is counted correct (just added the voter bonus, assuming that nobody voted twice for the same song or for his own song, the winner is clear. The final last wooden spoons go to Evktalo, Silverpool64, BRKPNT, Jorito and (again) BRKPNT without any points. The 18th place is for both Sadorf and Treyt with two points. 8 Songs tie for 10th place: AlchemicJay, TheVodouQueen, Jorito, Wassup Thunder, Unknown Pseudoartist, (again) AlchemicJay, JH Sounds and AZPX with 3 points The 6th place is for Hemophiliac, Yami, Bundeslang and HoboKa with 4 points. The fourth place is for Souperion and HarlemHeat360 with 6 points. Third place is for TheVideoGamer with 7 points. XPZA got second place with 10 points. And the winner of PRC472 is Coloradoweeks with 23 points. Congratulations Coloradoweeks, even if I miscalculed half of the votes you are still in the winner of the final PRC round. Well deserved, and close to an unanimous win. You still may pick a source but it will not be used for a further PRC. You can send it to me by PM or just post it in this thread. Some followers might reward your win with a remix, or I might organise a special round somewhere in the future. Even tough Coloradoweeks is the winner of this round, I think we all have won this one. A fantastic amount of remixes resulting in the end of PRC. Big thanks to all remixers, voters and listeners, the OC Remix and ThaSauce Community http://sites.google.com/site/bambombim/prc for all rounds and winners. https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/prc472 for the votes and comments. If anyone is interested in any old PRC songs, I have them somewhere so I can share them if there is any interest. Everything from PRC94 and later is at the ThaSauce site. This is the end of PRC, but not from my visits to OC Remix. I Will Return (but not as PRC host). Thank You
  5. We don't have that much votes, so I give another week to vote. New and final voting deadline January 17th.
  6. Welcome to the voting stage The mixing stage is over. This round has 24 songs. To vote, do the following: Visit https://compo.thasauce.net/rounds/view/PRC472 and listen to all the entries Scroll to the form at the bottom of the screen or click PM. Fill in the entries from first to third in the ThaSauce form or fill in your top 3. State a reasoning for it. Participants are encouraged to vote and leave feedback. They get a 3 point bonus, but they are not allowed to vote for their own track. Always look in this thread to find out who's the winner of the round after the voting stage instead of only looking at ThaSauce for the results. You have until Wednesday January 17th 2024 10:59 AM ThaSauce time (11:00 UTC, 12:00 GMT) to vote. One week extra to vote, this will be the final deadline. If you vote by PM make sure that your top 3 is clear. I prefer something like this: (To) (Subject) PRC 472 Vote (Message): 1: (remixer A ) 2: (remixer B ) 3: (remixer C ) (reasoning)
  7. Uploaded the second songs by AlchemicJay, AxLR (BRKPNT) and Jorito. Voting will start tomorrow and end at January 10th 2024.
  8. Voting starts soon. If anyone had problems with uploading a (second) entry please post a download link in this thread so that I can add them. To wait for that, voting starts in a few days and will probably take two weeks.
  9. Putting the deadline to the 27th of December. That will be the final deadline. Voting will start then, for now the voting deadline is december 31st but I might make the voting stage longer.
  10. Posted a song myself as well. Merry christmas everyone.
  11. It's allowed, if you have any problems with uploading multiple songs let me now (post a download link in this topic so I can get it at ThSauce).
  12. Thanks everyone for their input in this topic. It's very much appreciated, also good to see some of the participants in early PRC rounds still being around here and checking it out. I'm pretty sure I made the right decision to make this a final last round of the competition. And of course I will enter myself as well, but (as always) don't expect a remix which will pass the OC Remix judges without a NO vote. Good to see that the first song is already there.
  13. Updated the first post. The main reason to quit is that I don't want this contest to end up with many rounds without entries. As written in the first post, PRC469 was the first real round when that happened. With my quick songs for both PRC469 and PRC471 these rounds still didn't end without a song. And of course I don't let this one end without a song as well. Nowadays people don't find their way to the forums and I don't feel anything to actively promote this on Social Media or somewhere else. PRC should stay PRC, after 20 years it is also a good moment to end it. After this I will still keep an eye on these forums. Let's make this round a good last one.
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