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  1. I like Josh's music, and I like Castlevania, but... I just can't get into this one. I won't say "elevator music", but I guess it just doesn't have the feel I was expecting when I d/l'd it. I'm a bit disappointed in it.
  2. I've never been an especial music buff before, but this project blew me aurally. Super Metroid had some great music to begin with, but after people like Protricity and Prophecy get ahold of it... This project is just so mesmerizing, so entrancing, that there's hardly anything I can say that would do it justice... And the album cover artwork (was that done by Rob Saunders too?) was as sweet as the music itself. Everyone who worked on this did an excellent job; my condolences for the loss of Avien. ::bows head solemnly::
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