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  1. I don't care what anyone says, Prayer is just great! It's like Canon from Grand Turismo 4, you have to listen to it when you are wanting to relax. The vocals are very justifiable, since some songs sound very crappy in english, like the KH2 theme. >.< So, I give this great ambient and vocal tune by Pixietricks a 10/10! =^-^=
  2. Man, I've gone through about 900 OCRs and I have yet to come across a better mix. Nice ambient snow effect, great BPM, nice and relaxing. The feeling reminds me of "The Sunshine Underground" by The Chemical Brothers, another amazing song, even if not OCR. This gets Ark's "Paw of YES!" 10/10 Ark, your Crazy Bi Mississippi Catox! =^-^=
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