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  1. somebody help me /me gags Dougla Wheeee, glad y'all liked the show! Nobody has posted their Yes/No vote on the new intro issue so far, though. What do you guys think? Should we change it? If so, suggestions? Entries? The intro is well enough, but if the ideas of a new intro are a big possibility, you had said something about a contest for a new intro. You and Wingless could throw a contest once a month, and use the winning intro each month. This could even be done once every three months or so; or once a year. This would also give an extra "prize" as being the monthly intro artist, and having the intro on the episodes. So the incentive to get a few more entries might be available through this method.
  2. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. Keep up the good work you two! Can't wait for the next episode!
  3. wtf... It's true. wtf dougla?! You're going doooowwwwwn.... I like what colorful language Pixietricks uses. It makes her human, and a bit more relatable to a lot of us that listen. The occasional curse is no big deal, and I don't see what the big deal is.
  4. I'm not sure about any suggestions, because I'm not sure of all the things that could be possible, and the things that you both can do on the show. With all this equipment that you have Wingless, what sort of things can you get done that is different from the normal episode. And as a shameless plug for Pixietricks, I think she could sing for us on the episodes? lol perhaps a new intro song? perhaps interviews with some of the remixers such as DJPretzel, Destiny, Ailsean, etc.? maybe a reading of VGDJ fanmail or VGDJ fan instant messages? Like I said, I'm not sure any of my ideas are good, so I'm just wondering at the possibilities. thanks!
  5. So Miss Pixietricks and Wangless, once you get the ok from Rayza, if you do the show after this, are you going to stick to the current routine, or will we be hearing anything new? What new stuff would you both like to add or change on the show?
  6. I'm hoping that VGDJ doesn't end up like the chrono symphonic did, and be forever to return. This severely upsets me.
  7. I'm new here, but I love Pixie doing the show. She rocks, as does all VGDJ, in all it's glory, with or without Aurora. I hope to see a three person show in the future, and keep up all the great work you all three do, thanks for the remixes, and keep up that wonderful work. I'm also anxious for new remixes from pixie... they are always so mind-blowingly beautiful.
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