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  1. Good stuff man, looks like this project is almost complete! Maybe in 10 more years Congrats.
  2. Dolphin HD browser is fast, remote uTorrent app for adding downloads at home while you're on the road, Tinyshark for free grooveshark music and the official Digitally Imported app.
  3. Just heard "First Crush" by Sabrepulse on the DI.fm liquid d n b channel today. Great stuff..
  4. Short film that I directed, edited and did the music and sound for. It doesn't really make much sense, but it was more of a camera/lighting test. There is a vague Family Guy reference in it.
  5. http://soundcloud.com/rayza Not much on there at the moment!
  6. I wrote this a while ago, made me think of something spacey. Included space art as the video too..
  7. I'm a fan of the original version and appreciate the update. It kicks ass. I do think the vocals of the original had more energy, but everything else makes up for it. Great job.
  8. I will dance at you, I demand a break off.. Heheh, awesome mix yo..
  9. I started writing this in 2006 and went back yesterday to continue on it. Alas, the project file is no more so all I was left with was an mp3 WIP I had bounced. The ending on the mp3 was just cut off so I tacked on a sound effects ending so it wasn't as abrupt. If you like pads, melodies and flying lead synths, check it out.. Youtube: Mp3 download: http://www.box.net/shared/mxbc5zn2m6epsah53exf
  10. No mine was the other one, with the sound effects intro and the acoustic guitar breakdown. "Thread the Needle" I think you called it. You did a good job at editing the ending into something cohesive.
  11. Weird, the "Sarah's Song" in that archive is by me but it was never finished. Someone (Grant Brown I guess?) edited it to make it sound like a full song. There was a lot more I wanted to do with it, and may still in the future. I'm glad someone liked it enough to turn it into a quasi-full mix.
  12. Final Justice starring Joe Don Baker was always my favorite. It stars (I bet you know who-sio) Goosio!
  13. Love the production. Chopped voc pads elevate it nicely. Any of us that wanna do prog. on OCR know what the bar is set at now. Great job..
  14. ocre

    Get in irc you cad.

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