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  1. cool, I like to play street fighter 3
  2. awww i almost beat him!! but it went to the next round and i lost
  3. i still cant beat him, hey, is mike the last person to fight?
  4. awwww, i cant beat mike tyson, he is one-hit K.O.
  5. thanks man, you've been so nice these days, you rock.
  6. i cant find iron mike, is he in the harder levels, i left off when i beat the bald bull 2 times
  7. yeah, he is hard, but only my bro beat him
  8. you dont know who herman9000 is?!!! it's me herman. 9000 sounds cool, so its herman9000
  9. I have never heard of that game
  10. oh, i thought you were talking about an online game, sorry
  11. ok, what was the game again?
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