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  1. Hi everyone (sorry for the mistakes, my english isn't perfect yet =p) Some time ago, I found a video on youtube which shows the beginning of a match in the Super Smash Bros. Melee beta version. The match takes place on the Onett stage, and then I noticed (and read in the description) that the music is different in this version. Here is the link to the video : In my opinion, it just sounds awesome !! The instruments sound almost the same as in the final version (the released one), but the theme sounds more like the song (can't remember its name), just without lyrics. Of course I love the new
  2. Yeah, I noticed that a few hours after I posted. But the first time I heard that music was in this film, so... ^^' But it's a very great idea, it mix with the others music perfectly =)
  3. The songs mix together very very weel. I love this remix, very good job Ailsean Did anyone notice that the theme at the beginning and at the end is the same as Die Hard 3's theme? =p
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