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  1. That makes the fact that I had one even more confusing. Oh well. I'll just submit some avatars at some point. ^_^

  2. My question about the customs, yes; thanks for that. Thanks to everyone else, also. I suppose I could submit a few static icons until 2013 rolls around.
  3. Hmmm, I dun think we had custom avatars around then... x_x

  4. Thanks. I'll just let my question marinate for a while.
  5. I wish that were the case! I didn't even know of the site until around 2005, unfortunately. ^_^'

  6. You must be thinking 'waaaay' back when the forums were still orange and blue, which was like... 8+ years ago. :o

  7. Hey all. I would imagine they've been disabled some time ago, but somehow I was able to use a custom avatar when I first registered... Quick question: Are animated avatars being considered? If so, what would be the file size limit? LT: 1. I've been here since 2002 and you couldn't use custom avatars, so that's wrong. 2. No animated GIFs.
  8. *nods*

    I can imagine. I guess I just joined at a time when it was still possible to have a custom avatar.

    Well, I just recently finished making a R-TYPE avatar, so I'll check that thread and see if it's good for submission!

  9. That works too... gosh it'd be really nice if we could use our own, but I guess that'd require more strain on the database... this site has a ton of users after all...

  10. I suppose I'll have to try that! It would be pretty cool to have one of mine accepted. ^_^

    I may also just post, asking what the deal is with customs, and if I should go to another thread about it or start a new thread topic.

  11. Mmm, well, I know I used to use Misery from Cave Story before, and you can't actually 'choose' the avatar I had. Maybe if you submit a new R-Type one, you can get the avatar you want, of your choosing!

  12. Thanks, although it only seems to be a thread for submitting avatars to be added to the list provided by OCR...

    Somehow I got that avatar... and the edit page mentions users that may have custom avatars... Hmm...

  13. *grins* I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya anyway hero pilot.

  14. Oh wow, thanks!

    Don't worry if it doesn't help. :mrgreen:

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