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  1. after a long time here in OCR i've been waiting for someone to create an artists thread. and now i've decided to make it myself

    people post their art (i know we got lot's of artists here) and recieves feedback from the others, simple as that

    i like to draw a lot and don't have any place to get feedback, some of you might have the same problem, and this could be the way to solve this

    so i guess i'll start http://taverneiro-rudd.deviantart.com/

    if you got any suggestions on how to make this thread better please post it here


  2. i just started a trial account..and i'm going to buy the game once it expires

    it kicks arse in many ways i never dreamed an MMOG could

    so if anyone wants to pair up and explain me stuff...or just plain talk.

    My game name is Tavernero Rud

    look me up and add me to the OCR corp!

  3. Hmmm...

    Are you using the penis number conversion?

    Because 40 (a number which is for older raid instances, now the max is 25) is a lot smaller than 6000000000.

    But I guess, since you are bashing, logic is not important. Go on, you uneducated geek, continue your bashing. Ignorance and stupidity really beats respect. And to show I understand your point of view, I will show no respect for you.


    seriously CE...don't bash on other people's game of choice..it makes you look like a dirty forum troll

  4. i'm an avid WoW player. But i'd drop WoW in a heartbeat for Diablo 3 or starcraft 2,...seiously..starcraft was my first ever RTS...it's what made me become a gamer! and diablo is just awesome


    Every blizzard game has ended with the bad guys winning

    in starcraft kerrigan conquers the universe

    in warcraft arthas becomes the lich king and is currently the most powerful creature on azeroth

    in diablo baal corrupts the worldstone and you are sent to some random safe place because the worldstone can't hold back Hell and the planet is in trouble

    everyone of them (excluding warcraft because it has a WoW already) is sequel-worthy

  5. Unless there's ANOTHER Taverno Rudd out there that plays WoW and totally just got really lucky in WSG (even though Alliance got pwnt per usual)

    my only allie char is a 53 pally in gorgonash...was taht the one? my friend could be playing in it while i studied

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