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  1. sephfire, your animation is really cool, too bad i can't give you any real comments or such because i can't create any animations and don't know how that works
  2. after a long time here in OCR i've been waiting for someone to create an artists thread. and now i've decided to make it myself people post their art (i know we got lot's of artists here) and recieves feedback from the others, simple as that i like to draw a lot and don't have any place to get feedback, some of you might have the same problem, and this could be the way to solve this so i guess i'll start http://taverneiro-rudd.deviantart.com/ if you got any suggestions on how to make this thread better please post it here thanks
  3. i gotta get AIM installed and all but this week is a bit swamped for me... you see, i got a test that will determine me failing physics or not...which will take a lot of study seeing as i don't know jack about physics sorry...but after this week all will be ok
  4. you've done great justice to the millia rage theme! as a player i must say: REALLY well done!
  5. The pokemon stadium is looking pretty awesome i wonder if the wind stage will affect gliding and jumping or just jumping...maybe it'll make you glide uncontrolably fast.
  6. Happy birthday doug....keep up the good work (more cave story music plz)
  7. i would love to join..as bad as i am at chess also someone needs to explain round robin to me (or just direct me to who i have to play against)
  8. happy birthday! many more years of jdgfgt-ing!
  9. Im going for another trial on wednesday
  10. OMG! i could've sworn i had posted here before....anyway! happy birthday child! i could've sworn you were 29-30
  11. i just started a trial account..and i'm going to buy the game once it expires it kicks arse in many ways i never dreamed an MMOG could so if anyone wants to pair up and explain me stuff...or just plain talk. My game name is Tavernero Rud look me up and add me to the OCR corp!
  12. I was going to suggest: Immaterial and missing power melty blood React i just got guilty gear xx today and OSNAP! that is one hell of a fighting game!
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