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  1. This one is right up there in my top 10 OC remixes. The sound is so rich and crystal clear that it pops majestic inside my headphones. I also adore the original version. I would sometime replay the stage or just let it sit there while the tune runs in the background back in the mid 90's (no chance of finding an mp3 of that floating around back then) Proticity did a super-awesome job of doing everything right with this track while also preserving the original sound.
  2. This bit of genius comes in 2 seconds short of the 2 minute mark. I like the brooding that starts to build and eventually breaks out into the hallmark sound of Metroid. Nice touch on the whistling to set things off. I don't think it is too short since most remixes I've downloaded on OC can't seem to figure out where to end it. This one is going into my iPod.
  3. It sounds like the perfect soundtrack to some 80's game show where they're showing stock footage of young couple speedboating off the shores of Miami and the hostess is presenting some glorified weekend vacation spot in tahiti. I like it though. I remember feeling very much like a cool cat sitting there in the boxy OutRun Arcade to the sound of this tune and it has been stuck inside my head ever since. Great job Chris Abbott!
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